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Jen Tadin 30 60 90 Arthur J Candidate Packet

Arthur J Gallagher & Co Candidate Proposal Packet 2018

30/60/90 Day Business Plan Introduction: I have created this document to help outline my planned approach to my first 90 days as a new Arthur J. Gallagher Producer. I created this action plan, after having several brief discussions with Arthur J. Gallagher current and former Employees, through research and discovery efforts during the interview process and by calling upon my experience in selling various Insurance products/solutions to a diverse clientele book over the past Six+ years. I anticipate that this will be a very fluid document, where adjustments will be made after interactions with members of the Arthur J. Gallagher team, potential prospects and strategic planning with management. My focus during the initial 90-day period will be to gain significant knowledge of the Arthur J. Gallagher product suite; to better understand the competitive landscape, to build rapport and gain insight/experience from the Arthur J. Gallagher Team, and to build a pipeline through sales activities (cold calling, networking, marketing, etc.). It is assumed throughout this document that I will meet with management on a continuous (regular) basis and management meetings have been excluded from this planning document. Pre-Start • Perform detailed web based research on all of the competitors in the Collaborations segment. (i.e. strengths vs. weaknesses, product sheets, articles, etc.) • Research and review data on Social Collaboration such as articles, presentations from recent conferences. This will be accomplished by web based searches and also obtaining any information that Arthur J. Gallagher can make available to me. • Meet with Arthur J. Gallagher management prior to start date to set expectation on goals and review/refine the 30/60/90 plan. Also, I plan to gain insight/perspective from management on individuals that overachieved on their sales goals in 2016-2017. • Review/Plan logistic needs with Arthur J. Gallagher logistics team (if needed) such as smartphone, laptop, office equipment, etc. I’d like to have this all-in place prior to my 5 th day at Arthur J. Gallagher. 30-60 Days Evaluating and adjusting marketing plan, reviewing Arthur J. Gallagher modules, and study product knowledge and leverage cross sale opportunities. Advise networking base of new role, categorizing all low hanging fruit opportunities. Identify, research and introduce myself to all planned target organization within territory. 60-90 Days Prime all identified “low hanging fruit” clients for future business transactions. Identify and prioritize existing and new customers via marketing campaigns, face-to-face meetings, and leverage referral base where I can introduce them to Arthur J. Gallagher risk solution services. Begin leveraging all assigned existing client relationships to identify cross selling opportunities. Continue relationship development, and evaluate and adjust business plan to match newly acquired sales skills.

First 30 Days Sales Training o Orientation –meet management, co-workers, and support departments. Learn company culture. o Learn corporate systems –procedures for paperwork, reports, and e-mail. o Attend and complete company training on sales strategy, processes, and products and services. o Master product knowledge. (Maybe not Master, but be deadly). o When convenient, arrange Individual meetings with top producers …. What are their keys to success at Arthur J. Gallagher? How do they perform their sales planning and activities? Get a sense of what they are using as an “elevator pitch” and sales approaches. Evaluate what has worked and what has not. o Meet with company Account Executives in an effort to understand what is occurring in the marketplace, competitors, and gain feedback on what they have learned about client expectations. o If possible, accompany Account Executives to one or more prospect/client facings. Learn about the competition Aon, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., Brown & Brown, Accenture Public Limited Company, Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company, obtain information on these and other competitors such as their strengths/weaknesses, product offerings, market share, and marketing strategies. Create a top 20 list of new prospects in territory possibly to include the following: All Establishment Small Business, Insurance Producer, Sub-Producer, or Public enterprise that might have a need for Arthur J. Gallagher Related Products and Services. o Contact all current accounts by phone calls, direct letters, social media, e-mails, and face to face consultations, to notify them of my new role with Arthur J. Gallagher. Pinpoint top at risk renewal accounts and strategically outline what we need to do to save them. o Make introductory and perform ongoing calls with past contacts and all other key contacts within my network. o If any current clients are assigned over to me, I will immediately reach out to them and secure as many meetings as possible. This will help to determine how our current products are performing or have performed and if there are opportunities to secure new business. o My goal is to secure one commitment from prospects/clients to advance a new deal to order phase. o If I receive any existing deals that are in progress, I will reach out to key contacts and determine next steps needed to move the deal forward. o I plan to have as many client-facing meetings with top accounts as possible.

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