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Australian blade 4th edition

so we got this great

so we got this great idea a good few months ago when the meagre club coffers looked as Okay, they could stand it. though put some thought into getting someone who knows what they are doing, and can actually teach, We find out whether it would even be *flinch* financially viable. We were all keen as mustard, but and skills were of such varying levels it would be a real challenge to whoever we suckered into the our job. approached Wayne Saunders to see if he would be willing to make his way up to Queensland We deliver a course for our members, and carefully explained that our club was sort of “special”. to our amazement, Wayne sounded interested, and indicated that he was happy to fly up to To He had heard about QMAC and made some really supportive comments about the Queensland! some discussion with Wayne we decided that we were going to make hatchets - wraparound After style with a 1075 forge welded cutting edge. Sounded good at the time – and everybody bowtie put our event online some months before the deadline to allow those who wanted to attend We time to save up, and to get some practice time at QMAC forging days. Considering that the some period was smack bang in the middle of all of this would have resulted in some Christmas spousal conversations! “You need to pay what to make an axe? “What do you need to interesting the Christmas and New Year period passed and the January heat set in, we started getting As about forging in the Ipswich heat. We made plans to cater breakfast lunch and dinner over concerned days, with as much cold water, drinks and watermelon on tap as the guys could get down. two to running a relay system with Arlene and Dion Viljoen, treasured QMAC members, we Thanks club and the direction it was taking. loves an axe! chop?” and “Can’t you just buy one?” “Well now dear, you see it’s like this…” made sure that everyone would be well fed for the duration of the workshop.

decided to start the workshop as early as possible so that we We break in the heat of the day and try to avoid anyone coming could with heatstroke. Considering that we had 6 forges going down as we were two-up on anvils and forges, our members flatout, is a remarkable teacher. He first demonstrated each major step to give an idea of what to do, Wayne to watch out for, and then buzzed around like a crazy man making sure everyone was doing ok. what to the assistance of Troy Honeman, a well known Queensland blacksmith and all round nice Thanks the guys kept soldiering on until lunch time, took a breather and then got stuck right back in again. guy, started to feel the heat pretty early. Several disasters were averted early, and those that weren’t were somehow sorted.