9 months ago

Australian blade 4th edition

the end of the first

the end of the first day, we had 12 successfully forge welded axe-heads – a remarkable feat as most At our guys had never successfully forge welded before. All credit to Wayne and his fantastic teaching. of bunch of seriously hot and tired guys trooped home, and only the truly dedicated made it for the A barbeque, aimed at pinning Wayne down for a couple of hours to pick his brain about all evening things blacksmithing.

2 was heat-treating and handles. Wayne carefully demonstrated the process, how to watch for the Day changes, and then the guys got back into it. Those who were lagging behind a bit got some catch- colour time while the rest of the guys got a start on making the handles. The shed started looking like a up shop at that point! carpentry the temperature was not a patch on the previous day and by lunch time, most of the work was Fortunately, and just the cleanup remained. done,