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Australian blade 4th edition

was bitten real hard by

was bitten real hard by the bug and decided to buy a grinder and drill press to help with things and “I long had knocked up a gas forge to take care of heat treating.” Another consideration in all of it before the fact that Ian lives remotely and “off grid”, so it’s important that choice of steel and handle was was both easy to source and easy to heat treat and finish on site, with a minimum of equipment. materials became my steel of choice and whilst it’s considered by many as a beginner steel, when you really “1084 to know it and work it to it’s limits, it is a great steel. 1 or 2 % better in other steels makes no get to me, as a keen hunter, I have had many knives over the years and worked them all real hard, difference nothing is as satisfying as making your own and having them work as good, if not better.” but

philosophy on knife making is simple. Like an axe, the only part of a knife that cuts is the edge, if My get that right then the rest will follow and as you develop your skills, your knives should evolve too you look better and better. Having come from a design background many years ago, I find that if and looks right, it usually is and with the aid of some French curves, some squared paper, a something I had to pick one maker that has influenced me more than any other, design wise, that would be “If DelRaso, an absolute master of his craft and undoubtedly one of Australia’s best. Bob Loveless Peter also rate a high mention here as his simple, effective and timeless designs are often pondered would I am looking for a certain feel in a new design.” when has a passion for hunting knives and whilst preferring to make full tang knives, hidden tang Ian also feature prominently, especially when good antler is available for a one piece handle. knives pencil, eraser and straight edge, not much else is needed to get started creating your own designs.