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Australian blade 4th edition

says that one thing he

says that one thing he appreciates more than anything else in his knife making is honest, open Ian on how his knives perform. He has his knives in the hands of some great and passionate users feedback this land and other parts and looks forward to developing a greater understanding of the needs across individual customers, so his designs can develop further. of it comes to making knives, Ian is a part time maker and doesn’t like the notion of taking heaps When orders which can create unrealistic expectations between customer and maker. He prefers to speak of someone when approached to find out basic requirement like style, length of blade, preferred to material and additional fittings, using poetic license and his own flair to create an individual handle a casual employee in both the Fire Industry and the Funeral Industry, Ian likes to point out Being in some weeks, he doesn’t turn the grinder on but knife making is never far from his mind. that reckon if someone wants a truly handmade piece of quality kit, they should understand that it “I time, passion and sometimes a lot of patience to achieve something that is not only great to takes piece for each customer. use, but will last for many, many years to come.”

where to from here? In 2018, Ian plans to spend a great deal more time learning the skills So with blade forging and making his own “san mai” and “Damascus” billets. associated neighbor Mike Petersen is a master at it and if all goes well with a new grinder and power His in his yet to be finished forge, Ian says things will certainly be looking up. hammer are so many elements to this knife making game, I thought it would be wise to learn to “There and finish a great blade before moving on to blade forging and the like. That way I can make on the basic skills, getting my designs and blade finishes where they need to be, concentrate adding more complex elements, let alone stress and everything else that goes with it.” before will just be adding some 15N20 to my already significant stock of 1084 in the next month “I so, roll on 2018, reckon it might be a cracker.” or milestone will also see Ian’s knives do away with the little “s” in 2018 with a “two Another stamp either etched or stamped into each blade. feathers” 7" stag handled Bowie wins Best New Knifemakers Award at Sydney Show in 2017