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Australian blade 4th edition

order to learn more and

order to learn more and validate his processes so far, Ian attended Tharwa Valley Forge last In where he spent two days, one on one with Master Smith, Shawn MacIntyre. Two incredible week were followed by attendance at the Australian Blade Symposium, also held at Tharwa and days old Cuppacumbalong Homestead. the was unbelievable sharing knowledge and learning from a number of Australia’s best knife makers, I “It hope to incorporate much of the learning into producing some high quality knives during 2018.” really Ian Stewart Australian Blade Symposium Two Feathers Forge Two masters and their apprentice. Shawn MacIntyre, Mike Petersen and Leila Haddad at the smelting shed

Symposium was attended by more than 100 men and women from across Australia and New The with demonstrations including everything knife related as well as engraving, forging, smelting, Zealand, evening entertainment. Results of the speed forging event where participants were required to Saturday a Viking Knife in 20 minutes. forge leather work, lost wax casting, photography and a whole host of other very interesting subjects. Symposium attendees enjoying a "speed forging" event. 20 minutes to forge a Viking Knife.