8 months ago

Australian blade 4th edition

started making knives

started making knives around 18 months ago and blacksmithing I only 12 months ago. It all started with a pretty rough maybe at an old ground down file knife that led into what it is attempt I’m only a hobbyist for now but would love to make blades now. built the hammer purely because I I keen to make Damascus and San was Owning a power hammer and Mai. press were out of the hydraulic due to costs. Due to my question in cabinet making, I background a knack for design. I also have have in welding. These skills experience a lot when it came to building helped hammer. the only became aware of the concept of I hammers when I saw a photo treadle one on the ‘Australian Blacksmiths, of and Knifemakers Bladesmiths of the design and ideas for the some since the whole thing was so hammer Time! Hammer Anderson of NV Blades gives a rundown on his Ben treadle hammer project. full time one day. group on Facebook. Network’ of the page helped with Members new to me.

managed to build the hammer mostly using scrap to keep the cost down. I used an old I ram shaft that I found in a scrap yard for the hammer and anvil, and some heavy hydraulic RHS for the frame. Thanks to my flat mate working in a steel yard, the rest was minor gauge The main costs were associated with the bearings and rollers. I managed to keep the costs. whole cost for the build around $400.00.