7 months ago

Insulate Magazine Issue 12 - November 2017

The 1st Birthday issue of Insulate magazine titled "Round 12 with Recticel" features an exclusive interview with Recticel's commercial Director Kevin Bohea. If that wasn't enough we have a great exclusive inside the BBA, featuring an interview with BBA Chef Executive Richard Beale.

The only independent

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine BBA Exclusive For over five decades, specifiers, and users of construction products have been able to count on the BBA to accurately describe a product, its possibilities and limitations. Construction is an industry where innovation is costly and carries long term risks. The BBA provides an independent and reliable assessment of new products for that we all value. BBA Certification for many is an essential yet high value investment, how do you respond to people who consider it too expensive? A BBA Certificate is an investment very much linked with the long-term success of a construction product. Having BBA back up is a key element in reducing barriers for adoption and facilitating market acceptance of new products. Although the initial investment could be considered high for some manufacturers, the performance, aimed at helping manufacturers who are promoting those products, in this country and abroad. This adds enormous value to both the industry and the economy. A BBA Certificate or Service Assessment is thorough and we never cut corners. We will continue to work hard to do what is necessary to protect the public and our clients from activities of product manufacturers and installers that bring the industry into disrepute. These endeavours don’t always make us popular, but we have to protect our clients who are committed to maintaining the standards return on investment could also be high over time, and this can be realised in many ways: access to tenders, selection of products by Specifiers, Architects and Installers willing to use the product. In other words, we give our clients a unique competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market place. 12