8 months ago

Insulate Magazine Issue 12 - November 2017

The 1st Birthday issue of Insulate magazine titled "Round 12 with Recticel" features an exclusive interview with Recticel's commercial Director Kevin Bohea. If that wasn't enough we have a great exclusive inside the BBA, featuring an interview with BBA Chef Executive Richard Beale.

When we started

When we started Insulate Magazine 12 months ago, we wanted to get to this issue, we wholeheartedly believed that there was a need for a standalone publication for an industry that is essential to and often overlooked by the construction industry, to gain the traction and readership we wanted, we had to get to issue 12 - We did it! Colin Heath Managing Editor @colinversanta It would be remiss of me as editor, not to thank they many contributors, advertisers and friends we have worked with over the past 12 months, a certain level of belief in the magazine had to be shown by you all and for that I am truly grateful. Back in issue one, we featured a list of friends who had helped get the first issue out, we would need a whole page to list those people now so I’ll simply say thank you, you know who you are. In this bumper Birthday issue, we’ve got an exclusive interview from Recticel’s Kevin Bohea, An introduction to The BBA’s Commercial Director Richard Beale. We shine the spotlight on the EEIG launch with Sarah Kostense-Winterton and have a major announcement from Simon Storer of …….. Reaction to the first printed edition was fantastic, subscribe at or drop me an email and I’ll add you to the list! Jamie Street Creative Director @jamieversanta Enjoy…… 4

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