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Insulate Magazine Issue 11 - October 2017

When is an Insulation Manufacturer not and Insulation Manufacturer headlines the October issue of Insulate Magazine. Possibly the best front cover for an Insulation publication EVER. Claire Thornhill, of Frontier Economics commented: “Buildings are an integral part of our energy infrastructure system. If we are to de-carbonise in a cost-effective way and keep energy bills as low as possible we need an integrated and ambitious infrastructure programme to de-carbonise our buildings. The Plan would require public investment in household energy efficiency to be increased by £1.1 billion per year – from £0.6 billion today to £1.7 billion. A previous Frontier Economics report that analysed Government data found that an energy efficiency programme achieves comparable economic returns to other infrastructure programmes.” Buildings Energy Performance Missing The Government plans to spend £170 billion on housing, economic infrastructure and R&D programmes up until 2021/22. However, buildings energy performance does not yet feature in the Government’s infrastructure plans despite the fact that it would help households to save on average £270 every year off their energy bills, boost the economy and reduce the need for new energy supply infrastructure investment elsewhere. The Building Energy Infrastructure Programme is designed to leverage in £3.9 billion of private investment per year. This compelling report will be launched on 27th September, followed by a Parliamentary launch on 16th October – an event sponsored by one of our supporters, Conservative MP Antoinette Sandbach along with a tri-All Party Parliamentary Grouping of PRASEG, Intelligent Energy and Fuel Poverty and further supported by Lord Deben. Parliamentarians will be introduced with a complete, long-term and high quality energy efficiency plan as well as opportunities to publically show their support at the event. Message to the Govenment Our message to the Government is to support this achievable commitment to keeping energy costs in British homes and buildings down and deliver a high quality, sustainable programme. A programme that can restore business and consumer confidence and unleash private investment in the industry - ensuring long-term improvements in buildings energy performance. Now let’s see Government work with us to make this happen and ensure that the benefits of raising the building energy performance of our buildings are grasped – from the lasting reductions in fuel bills and fuel poverty to meeting carbon reduction targets and economic growth. This Programme will surely make our buildings great again and make us proud, resulting in an industry prepared and future-fit and with a solid basis of consumer confidence going forward. Sarah Kostense-Winterton is Executive Director of MIMA, the Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association and provides the secretariat to the Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Group (EEIG). For further details of the EEIG or if you would like to join, please contact Sarah at 12

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