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Insulate Magazine Issue 11 - October 2017

When is an Insulation Manufacturer not and Insulation Manufacturer headlines the October issue of Insulate Magazine. Possibly the best front cover for an Insulation publication EVER. Read All About It! Insulate Magazine Issue 11 - October 2017 The Key to Easy, All-in-One Certfication The British Board of Agrément makes life easier for manufacturers of doors and windows products by providing the right industry assurances, all under one roof. You could say that for the majority of people windows and doors are arguably the most regularly encountered features of everyday life. Yet usually we hardly notice them. But if something goes wrong, we’re soon keen to put it right. The safety of fenestration products should never be taken for granted. In fact, every component of any building needs to be thoroughly checked for quality and safety. So for manufacturers of new products, it’s vital to get the specifications on windows & doors right from the start. Establishing any product’s fitness for use can take some time and you often need a number of separate certificates, as most Certification Bodies only certify to individual national Standards. Not so with the BBA. With a BBA Certificate, all relevant Building Regulations are considered along with other requirements like Codes of Practice and NHBC requirements, so manufacturers can satisfy themselves that all levels of fitness for use have been met without the need for multiple Certificates. That means choosing the BBA saves time, money and hassle. Above & Beyond Additionally, BBA Assessments go above and beyond what is required from a national standard, in particular with reference to Regulation 7 in England and Wales - Materials and workmanship or Regulation 8 in Scotland – Durability, workmanship and fitness of materials. The BBA carries out durability tests such as resistance to UV, heat, water and impact. BBA Certificates also involve bi-annual factory audit visits to ensure factory production control is continuing to manufacture a quality product to the right specifications. 14

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Read more from the BBA: BBA to Tackle Failed Cavity Wall Insulation (Insulate Magazine, Issue 10) The BBA also has its own UKAS accredited testing facilities, so technicians can see firsthand how a window and door performs and how suitable it would be for the market. With a BBA Certificate, manufacturers have confidence that the product satisfies all relevant Building Regulations, making life easier for specifiers when choosing the right fenestration products. 50 years’ experience in Windows and Doors and the associated Building Regulations involved within them means the BBA is well versed in understanding what the requirements are for the domestic and commercial markets. In fact, every component of any building needs to be thoroughly checked for quality and safety. 15