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Insulate Magazine Issue 11 - October 2017

When is an Insulation Manufacturer not and Insulation Manufacturer headlines the October issue of Insulate Magazine. Possibly the best front cover for an Insulation publication EVER.

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The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Insulate Columnist How Smart Meters can Help Your Small Installation Business to Make Big Energy Savings Insulate Magazine columnist Claire Maugham, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB Britain is getting smarter. Our country is working together to build a greener and more energy efficient future. There has never been a better time for small businesses in the installation industry to get involved. Smart meters are available to every household in Britain, but did you know that many small businesses can also upgrade to the new system? According to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the average SME could reduce its energy bill by 18-25 per cent by installing energy efficiency measures. It is reported that this would result in an average return on investment in less than 18 months. Smart meters automatically send accurate meter readings, and show you exactly how much energy you’re using, in near-real time and in pounds and pence. Helping you to budget, manage, and keep track of your energy costs. With the construction industry as a whole making up around 18 per cent of all small to medium enterprises in the UK, smart meters, if adopted by all, could save the sector £10million a year on current usage. In addition to monitoring energy use with a smart meter, there are also other measures you can take to prevent energy waste. Smart Energy GB have worked with the Carbon Trust on a full list of energy saving tips specifically for small businesses in the construction industry, detailed right. 32 32 If your business has fewer than 10 employees, you may be eligible to upgrade to a smart meter at no additional cost; others may need to pay a small charge for the installation or access to data. Your supplier will tell you about any charges up front. Contact your energy supplier today about arranging your installation. Dr. Paul Swift from the Carbon Trust gives his tips on how construction firms can get smart about energy. Make smart plans: Be ready to advise clients on how to reduce their future energy bills, through options such as LED lighting or choice of building materials. Get smart meters installed in new builds. Look after your tools: Use tools according to guidelines and only run them when needed. Badly maintained equipment uses more energy and is more likely to fail, so get them regularly PAT-tested and clean filters and air intakes. Energy management: Install controls that allow you to turn off site areas not in use. Ensure any damaged cables or unused connections are removed. If you need a generator, size correctly to prevent wasting money on fuel. Understand your energy consumption: Getting a smart meter installed on your business premises helps track energy costs and budget spend. Use your smart meter to identify patterns, find unexpected spikes and encourage energy saving both on and off site. Scheduling: Plan to use equipment in one run, rather than a series of bursts. Get a temporary connection to the electricity grid as soon as possible! insulatenetwork 33