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HOLD ON TIGHT AND FEEL THE AWESOME. Flat Foot Technology ® Patented comfort. Patented control. Innovation is in our blood. Along with some other stuff, but that’s not important. What is significant is that Electra was awarded US patent #7740262 for inventing a completely new type of bike that provides an improved level of comfort and control. It’s called Flat Foot Technology ® and it provides an upright, relaxed riding position with proper leg extension that also lets you drop your feet flat on the ground whenever you want without leaving the saddle. Developed in 2003, this industry innovation was first featured in Electra Townie ® and 20” Kids’ bicycles. Over the years, it has been integrated to varying degrees into the Electra Cruiser and Amsterdam ® collections. MORE COMFORT. MORE CONTROL. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE OF FLAT FOOT TECHNOLOGY ® IN THESE ELECTRA COLLECTIONS TOWNIE ® AMSTERDAM ® CRUISER KIDS’ 20”

The Electra Difference You can’t fake it. Upright seating Wide view of the road Relaxed arm position AS THE ORIGINATOR AND ONLY AUTHORIZED MANUFACTURER OF FLAT FOOT TECHNOLOGY ® ELECTRA IS PROUD TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A BETTER WAY TO RIDE. Drop your feet flat on the ground whenever you want Full and proper leg extension when pedaling

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