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Passionate Love is a must read for all couples who desire to create and maintain a lasting love and passion filled marriage. In Passionate Love, Pastor George Mwansa outlines how husbands ought to love their wives by systematically drawing lessons from Christ's love for the church. He also gives wives guidelines on how to submit to their husbands – God's way.

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devoted affection the members of the household, mother and children, together in the strongest bonds of union. His name, 'house—band,' is the true definition of husband.” The husband is the one who strives to unite the various interests or parties in his home so that harmony can prevail. He is the hub around which all the members of the home find the glue that sticks them together. “All members of the family center in the father. He is the lawmaker, illustrating in his manly bearing the s t e r n e r v i r t u e s ; energy, integrity, honesty, patience, courage, diligence and practical usefulness.” “The father is to stand at the head of his family, not as an o v e r g r o w n , undisciplined boy, but as a man with manly character and with his passions controlled.”

Chapter 99 A LOOK AT SUBMISSION “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord” [Ephesians 5:22]. I was at Helderberg College when news reached me about a “new addition” to the family. “Your wife has given birth to a baby girl,” said the herald. I was excited! At long last I would be called by my child's name: “Bashi Mwape [Mwape's father—her name is Mwape]. It's a good feeling for every normal father to feel that way. As I contemplated my new status, suddenly something hit me. The baby was a girl. Yes I was delighted to have a child, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. I thought about what this “brand new” person would have to endure in this life as a female some day. Life as a girl, a woman and maybe wife would not be easy for her. You see, life for women, generally in this planet filled with sin, is not easy. Women in this life generally are subjected to raw deals. The subject of submission [as it relates to wives submitting to their husbands] is one of the most misunderstood teachings of the Bible. Some “Christian” husbands have not only misinterpreted this text but misapplied it and caused untold miseries to their wives. Perhaps it is this

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