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Passionate Love is a must read for all couples who desire to create and maintain a lasting love and passion filled marriage. In Passionate Love, Pastor George Mwansa outlines how husbands ought to love their wives by systematically drawing lessons from Christ's love for the church. He also gives wives guidelines on how to submit to their husbands – God's way.

[See Ephesians 4:17 and

[See Ephesians 4:17 and 5:1-21]. This whole section could thus be summarized: “For you were once darkness but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light” [Ephesians 5:8].

158 Passionate Love leaders who love us, don't we? 3. As a husband seek daily to know God. A godly husband scores highly in any human situation. As you bring your life into conformity with God's will, God gives you the wisdom to know how to tackle the different human situations we all face. A man who is a friend to God will certainly radiate the godly attributes of love, kindness, patience, humility e.t.c. Tyranny and intolerance are foreign words in his vocabulary. The more your will gives way to God's will the better you become as a husband. 4. Submission is actually a thing of trust. The more a husband makes good decisions, the better chances he has of his wife trusting him and ultimately submitting to him. Believe me, if your record in decision making is bad, your wife won't have trust in you. More over she will not even have respect for you. If your wife can't trust and respect you, she will not submit easily. She may actually submit out of fear but inside her heart it will be a different story. Learn to work as a team. Remember a good team leader always consults because he knows that in the multitude of counsel there is wisdom. 5. Of course the mere understanding that the husband is the head of the household leads naturally to the point that the “buck falls” at him. He is responsible for making the final decision. Generally women have no qualms with that. After all it gives them some kind of freedom not to worry too much about consequences. It will, however, be a good idea if the husband makes decisions after consulting so that even if things backfire, every one will share in the blame of the “fire.” On the other hand if things turn out well credit will be shared by all. 6. As a husband please watch your body language and tone in the voice. Stop to watch what words are coming out of your mouth as you discuss matters with your wife. Watch out for anything that tries to escape your mouth in the form of threats, intimidation, shouting and sarcasm. Watch out for things that puts you in the position of a lion in the den. “Power is of two kinds,” said Mohandas Ghandi, “One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by the art of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived by the fear of punishment.” 7. There will, of course, be moments when a decision has to be

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