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SMME NEWS 2 14 March 2016 Editor’s Note Xolani Nxumalo - Editor People Shall Share BUSINESSES, Governments and individuals have to make choices everyday. Whenever a businessman or business woman is about to make a choice in business, he/she must bear in mind that there are scarce or limited resources to choose from. It is therefore imperative for the SMMEs to understand the basic economics so as to be able to play this game i.e. competing for scarce resources. When Congress of the People (not the political party) held its historical meeting in Klip Town in 1955, it came up with a document called, The Freedom Charter. The most popular item in this Charter, which is even quoted by young men when they propose love to young women, is, ‘People shall share’. This Congress had to come up with this document because few people were enjoying the resources of South Africa. The question is, what is it that shall be shared? The answer is, the resources. Do we have enough resources to satisfy our needs or wants? No. Most of the economists when they describe the study of economics agree that resources are scarce or limited. Economics is therefore the study of how to share these scarce resources. The word economics is derived from the Greek words; oikos, meaning a house, and nemein, meaning to manage. Economics is therefore a science of household management. Phillip Mohr, Louis Fourie and Associates, in their book titled; Economics for South African Students, they argue that without scarce resources there is no need for the study of economics. SMMEs and their employees want to do many things to satisfy their needs or wants, but the means with which their wants or needs can be met are limited. That is why 9 out of 10 individuals rely on one entrepreneur to provide them with jobs, meaning that individuals want to share scarce resources with their employers. Junk Status – Is it a threat ? NONTOBEKO DUMA GOING to junk status rating is a term used to describe non-investment grade. Currently South Africa’s rating is at a stable level and this is good news as it means that we will not be heading for Junk Status soon or we can avoid it all- together. Each year after the budget speech there are steps that need to be taken by members of society and business to adjust to decisions made at the speech. Nobody wants to hear of tax increases and any efforts needed to be made to tighten belts. South Africa has been going through financial crisis with the growth rate being at a very low 1%, with the low employment rate, the margin of people paying taxes to help the country running is even less. On top of all of this we are now being introduced to an even greater looming terror of the beloved country i.e being reduced to ‘JUNK STATUS’. Those words send fear straight into all our hearts and wallets. What is junk status ? Brazil is two levels below junk status and people still want to go there. So what is the big deal ? Each year after the budget speech Mancosa [GSB] hosts a post budget speech breakfast, that has a panel of experts in the field of finance, taxes and investments. This year’s panelists included Director of Merchant Afrika, Adv. Lavan Gopaul; Professor Dilip Garach and Fikile Moya, Editor of The Mercury. They delved into what seemed a gloomy financial future and looked to provide solutions. Several challenges the economy has been facing that has weakened the rand, include corruption, account defiance, slow GDP growth and the on going workers strikes, especially in the mining sector. This turmoil makes investment in South Africa very unattractive to foreign investors which will make the interest on borrowed money to be very high for South Africa. There is no quick fix solutions and the solutions require a change of mindset of the society so the process will start off slowly . Some possible solutions or amendments made by professor Dilip Garach of Garach and Garach Tax Consultants were as follows; (1) Employing competent staff in government sectors, (2) Service delivery improvements and (3) Creating incentives for small and medium enterprises as the ripple effect of that will be GDP growth and employment which will create a bigger tax pool. This means giving incentives for institutions that provide education. Where to from here for Business ? ADVERTORIAL NONTOBEKO DUMA ON the 29th of February during a business event hosted by the DCCI, Premier of KwaZulu-Natal Mr Senzo Mchunu along with other representatives of various industries, came together to review matters moving forward after the national and provincial government speeches. One of the biggest issues on the table was that of job creation via entrepreneurs. In his address the Premier highlighted SMME NEWSPAPER subscribes to the South African Press Code that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code please contact the Press Ombudsman at 011 484 3612/8, fax: 011 4843619 the potential presented by the Durban chamber in being the largest Chamber in Africa, therefore bringing the path for partnerships with members of the private sector. He encouraged the private sector to share their expertise as they are a driving force behind job creation. In response to the problem with lack of skilled workers the Premier said, “We must collaborate to drive skills development because a skilled workforce is a prerequisite for sustained socioeconomic development. We have taken the position that the good quality education has to be relevant to the needs of the economy...’ During a panel discussion the issues raised embarked on issues of corporate tax reform on a structural level with tax expert Greg Tarrant PWC. The majority of the discussion was centered on job creation. Mr Zeph Ndlovu said the challenge to grow SMMEs especially from a township level is vital. Rod Stanton of Rockwel Developers, spoke about of the need to continuously call for assistance to the relevant sectors for assistance even if its advice. Brian Mpono, the founder of Khwezi Oil Biodiesel, brought up the issue of the need for more innovation in SMMEs to go into the gap that is very prevalent in the market and use it. Much of township entrepreneurs are service based and all on the same level, i.e, catering, tavern, car wash etc. There is a need in the market for manufacturers and people in the agricultural sector. This cannot be done without the right skill set. Therefore part of the plan is for young people to be introduced to entrepreneurship on a real life level early on. So that they are well prepared to create sustainable necessary enterprises. For SMMEs struggling to get paid on time a programme has been introduced, ‘Khokha on time’ where SMMEs can contact the justice office to make sure they are paid within the 30 day period. As a budding /business owner get involved by getting in touch with your chamber to find skills training opportunities you can be involved in and get your company on their databases. Providing skills training for employees and yourself will help catapult your business forward. Cybertrade Paints CYBERTRADE Paints is not associated with any other paint company. We are an independent paint company. Cybertrade Paints has been established since March 2005. Rodges Pillay oversees the business from sales to the technical aspects of the business (quality control). At Cybertrade Paints we have a number of experienced staff members in sales, technical, tinting and machine operators. Together with the members of staff, the Cybertrade Paints team has over 100 years of experience in the paint industry. Cybertrade Paints manufactures both water and solvent-based coatings. All products that are manufactured are strictly subjected to tested quality control, together with a partnership with our raw materials supplier. We are committed to innovating the environment – friendly products and cost effective formulating so that we can pass the benefits to our customers. All our solvent-based enamels are lead-free. Waterbase, Undercoat and Primers, Washable, Sheen and Matt, Pure Acrylics, Textured coatings/Acrylic/PVA, Roof coats and Primers, Supergloss enamel, Eggshell enamel, Nondrop polyurethane coating, Stoep enamels/Road marking paints, Epoxy enamels/OD Enamels. We offer the following services: Free on-site colour matching, free technical advice, free estimations and quotations. Free delivery. Cybertrade Paints: Paint Your Future. BRANCHES: Umhlanga – 173/183 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Tel: 031 564 9744/ 031 564 8835, Chatsworth: 645 Sunset Avenue, Logbro Centre (next to Ismail’s Hardware, Tel: 031 402 1793/031 401 0709, Ballito: Shop 20, Kyalami Park, Tel: 032 946 1453 Management & Editorial Team Office A,Suite 13, Sanhall Office Park,1 Kirsty Close, Ballito, 4420, Tinky Ogle - Publisher Phumzile Manana - Administrator. Neresh Gayapershad- Sales Manager Siyabonga Sikhakhane - Sub-editor and Layout Thandeka Ngidi - Journalist Nontobeko Duma - Journalist Marvellous Zondi - Journalist

TM 14 March 2016 SMME NEWS 3 Kuvalwe amabhizinisi bebhikisha kwa-Sithebe MARVELLOUS ZONDI OKUQALE njengezikhalo zamalunga omphakathi KwaSithebe enyakatho yedolobha lase Mandeni, kuphethe ngokusha kwezizinda zokusebenza, izithuthi, kanye nokuphazamiseka kwamabhizinisi kwama nse ukusebenza kule ndawo yezimboni. Ngokusho komkhulumeli wamaphoyisa u-Major Thulani Zwane, abalelwa kwamane amafemu abhunqiswe ngomlilo, izithuthi zokusebenza ezimbili kanye nama khonteyina amathathu osomabhizinisi abazimele. Le mibhikisho iqale ngesonto kusihlwa ziyisi 6 kwephezulu. Ukuhluleka kwamaphoyisa endawo ukunqanda ukubhebhetheka kwesimo, kuphoqelele ukuba kulandwe amaphoyisa ko Newcastle, Ulundi kanye nase Mpangeni. Ukubhikisha kuphoqelele ukuba kuvalwe thaqa amabhizinisi ngenxa yokusabela ukuhlaselwa kwazise ababhikishi basusa kwasani olusendleleni yabo bephinde belimaze labo abangasiyo ingxenye yemibhikisho. Ngokuhabula kwaleli phephandaba isizathu sokuqubuka kwalemibhikisho ukubonakala kwekhanda lalowo owabe eyiMeya yase Mandeni emabhodini okukhankasela ukuvota. Amalunga omphakathi akhala ngokubuye kuphakamiswe igama lakhe njengozoba iMeya yakulendawo. Umphakathi kanye nabamabhizinisi azimele bahlezi lubhojozi njengoba bekhishwa ngisho ezindlini ukuze bezoba ingxenye yababhikishayo. Abagibeli ematekisini nabo bayehliswa nokuphoqelele ukuba kungahambi ngisho izimoto ezithutha abasebenzi ukuya etohweni. Okhulumela abakwa IPSS Medical Rescue u Paul Herbst uveze ukuthi sebelaphe abantu abeqile kwabangama-50 abalinyazwe ngamatshe abendiza phezulu ngesikhathi sale mibhikisho. Babalelwa kwabali-100 abantu asebebeoshiwe kulandela lesi sigameko, kanti kubukeka kusazoqhubeka nokubhikishwa kuze kuphele isinto njengoba kuhlongozwa ukubhikishela ukukhishwa kwalabo abakhalelwe amasongo kasigonyela. Khonamanjalo u-MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu kanye neMeya kamasipala iMandeni Municipality bebehambele kulendawo ukuzobheka umonakalo osudalwe ilemibhikisho. Babalelwa kwaba yizi-20 000 abantu abasebenzela emafemini akulendawo kanti bonke baphazamisekile yilesi senzo. IMzansi Business Forum ithi mazidle ekhaya XOLANI NXUMALO SEKUSUNGULWE isiqubulo esithi ngesilungu # I support black businesses, okusho ukuthi, #Ngixhasa amabhizinisi abomdabu. Lesi siqubulo sethulwe nguMengameli weMzansi Business Forum, uMnu. Siyabonga Xulu, emcimbini obuwubukhazikhazi eCoastlands Hotel, ku Musgrave Centre eThekwini, muva nje. Ethula lo mkhankaso uMnu. Xulu unxuse abomdabu ukuthi kebezejwayeze nje ukuthi okungenani ezinsukwini eziyishumi enyangeni baxhase amabhizinisi abomdabu. Bawashe izimoto zabo kwi car wash yowomdabu, badle endlini yokudlela ukudla (restaurant) yowomdabu, bakhande izimoto zabo emabhizinisini abomdabu, bafake amathayi ezimoto zabo emabhizinisini angawabomdabu, balala emahhotela abomdabu. Uthe ngalokhu akakhuthazi ubuhlanga, kodwa yinto abayenzayo nabezinye izizwe kwezamabhizinisi. Uthe amaSulumane namaJuda namaJalimane ayakwenza lokhu.UMhleli we SMME News usekuqaphele kaningi lokhu uma edlula emapulazini abalimi abangama Jalimane ko Noodberg, Wartburg, New Hanover nase Kranskop. Ogandaganda namaloli kanye nezimoto okusetyshenziswa kulama mapulazini wuhlobo olukhiqizwa eJalimane. Usho lokhu nje uMnu. Xulu, izikhulumi eziyizimenywa ebezikhulume ngaphambi kwakhe oMnu. Sandile Shezi, ongusomabhizinisi osemncane waseThekwini ,noMnu. Mthokozisi Hadebe, oyiNhlokho yeKwaZulu- Natal Sharks Board, nazo bezikhuthaze abantu ukuba basebenzise amabhizinisi abomdabu. Zibuze osomabhizinisi base Mlazi ukuthi behlulwa yini ukuhlangana bakhe isikhondlakhondla senkampane yamathayi ezimoto eMlazi ? Zabuza nokuthi kuyoba ASSESSOR NQF level 5: 15 points 18 March 2016 UMNU. Siyabonga Xulu, emcimbini obuwubukhazikhazi we-UBF. nini abomdabu befaka izimali emabhange asungulwa ngezinye izizwe, bengaunguli awabo ? Zathi bangaqala ngokusungula ama cooperative okonga imali, agcine esengamabhange njengoba kwenza amabhunu ama cooperative awo agcina esengamabhange oSambou no Absa. Isikhulu esiphethe ihhovisi le Mzansi Business Forum okuthiwa isikulo lonke elase Ningizimu Africa, ngu Mnu. Sbu Kunene. NUMBER PLATES 16D Smart Office Sanhall Office Park 1 Kirsty Close Ballito PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING MODERATOR NQF level 6: 10 points 18 March 2016 Tel: 032 946 9032 Cell: 082 759 3550 Bursary opportunities Exxaro mining bursary Bursaries are awarded to study courses aligned with our business needs.Fields of study the bursury on offer (Bsc engineering;-Civil -electrical -mechanical -mining engineering -chemical -industrial -metallurgy -mining surveying (B tech MRM) -mining technician (B tech) -Geology (Hons compulsory) Requirments: * Minimum level 5 Eng 1st lang/level 5 english standard lang. *Minimum level 6 maths + level 6 Physical science in Grade 11/12. * B Tech course Min level 5 maths, science + english. Closing date: 31 march 2016 Music Bursaries for Student @ South African Unversities The Samro foundation invites applications for bursaries for music studies. Requirements: *Full time students *Registered at a South African University In their 2nd , 3rd or 4th years,honours / masters/doctoral degrees. This bursary excludes students at private institutions,1st year students and students in bridging or foundation programmes. Closing date: 31 march 2016

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