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SMME NEWS 4 SMME..What you should know 18 April 2016 Completing and submitting tender documents By Phumelela Projects THIS is a continuation from the March issue of SMME NEWS Here are the golden rules for completing and submitting tender documents: • Time – allow adequate time to plan how you will complete the documents on time and completely. • Ensure document is complete with no missing pages. • Know well in advance the place where tenders must be submitted. • Tenders have to be delivered in “hard copy” originals i.e. no FAXES or emails. • All pages must be signed • Ensure all supporting documents are ready on time. (Note Tax clearance certificate will take at least a week to get from SARS) Identify information resources of available business and new markets accessed through tendering processes. From a supplier perspective the first phase in winning a new and lucrative contract, is the identification of appropriate tenders that relate to the goods or services that your company can offer. It can be quite daunting, trying to find new business, for a business person in a new venture. However, there is no need to worry, companies requiring goods and services want you to find their tenders. They want you to respond. Therefore, tenders can be found on web-sites. They can be found in trade journals and they can even be found in your post box or email! Almost all major companies have web pages dedicated to tender and business opportunities. Almost all weekly newspapers, and most dailies, have pages dedicated to tender advertisements. Typically, if you find a tender for which you think may suit your goals and objectives; you will need to either download the relevant documents from the company’s web site or you will need to make contact with the designated person who will either email or post the relevant documents to you. Sometimes, you will need to register your intent to respond to the tender by either attending a compulsory information session or by submitting a letter of intent. Analyze tender documents for viability in the new venture context. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with tenders, whereas in reality it is likely that only very few of them are really suited to your business. It would be stupid to be respond to every tender that crosses your desk. In a short time, you will be exhausted, dispirited and insolvent. Responding to tenders can be onerous and the bigger ones can require thousands of man-hours and hundreds of thousands of rand to complete. As in all sales efforts, the key is to focus both on your target market and your core competencies. It is essential to assess the vailabity of the tender before expending too many resources. In fact, many companies have very stringent criteria that are evaluated in a BID/NO BID meeting as the first stage of responding. Most companies continue the BID/NO BID meetings at regular intervals, evaluating their ability to deliver on a technical level, on a commercial level, on a legal level and on a logistical level. If at any time they feel that they would not be able to realistically met the tender requirements they make a decision to either withdraw or to continue and partially comply to the requirements of the tender. Analyzing viability is essentially matching the requirements of the tender with the goods and services that you are potentially offering. There needs to be high level equipment, for example, they will generate a profit & loss analysis to understand the revenue and cost implications over the lifetime of the goods. Obviously they will also look at cash flows and other financial ratios and statements as well. But, what the client is attempting to do, is to determine the real cost of purchasing the required equipment. No-body likes surprises because it could end up costing the tender evaluation team’s jobs, if they make a serious error in judgement and damage their company through imprudent purchases. To be continued Nonto’s Business Corner SMME funding Opportunities Funding is always a thorny issue when it comes to business, especially the small, medium and macro enterprises (smmes). It is imperative for someone in small business to look for any funding available for starting or sustainability of his or her business. The following funding programmes may be an answer to those who are in the process of starting their business or struggling smmes. Black Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP) Black Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP) is a cost sharing grant offered to small black owned enterprises to assist them in improving their competitiveness and sustainability in order to become part of the mainstream economy and create employment. It provides a grant to a maximum of R1000 000, (R800 000 maximum for tools, machinery and equipment and R200 000 maximum for eligible enterprises to improve their corporate governance, management, marketing, productivity and us of modern technology). Co-operative Incentive Scheme (CIS) The Co-operative Scheme (CIS) is a 90:10 matching cash grant for registered primary co-operatives (primary co-operatives consists of five or more member who are historically disadvantaged individuals). The CIS is incentive for co-operative enterprises in the emerging economy to acquire competitive business development services, and the maximum grant that can be offered to one co-operative entity under this scheme is R350 000. Incubation Support Programme (ISP) The DTI initiated the ISP as grant to develop incubators into successful enterprises with the potential to revitalise communities and strengthen local and national economies. The ISP encourages partnerships whereby big businesses assist SMMEs with skills transfer, enterprise development, supplier development and marketing opportunities. Services include: DTI Grants application assistance, Business plans, Feasibility studies, Training and Mentoring. Business purchasing advice, Business networking facilitation, Research and investigation into potential investments, and Marketing plans Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) The small enterprise Development agency offer business information services, tender advice, and business development services. SMMEs can get training sessions on tender processing and project costing. This advice is provided individually get in touch with a SEDA office within your region to receive individual assistance on filing tender documents and government accreditation forms. Your regional office also provides assistance with creating a bankable business plan. SEDA allow SMMES to use internet stations for research and online company registration. SEDA provides the following services, daily display of tender notices, business counselling, company registration and business opportunities, bank loan information, business advice on how to start your business and Business directories and signposting. For more information on the above funding schemes, one can contact the relevant officials at 031 834 8700. Isivande Women’s Fund Isivande Women’s Fund (IWF) is a SME financer managed by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) which supports the creation of self-sustaining black and women owned businesses in South Africa, by providing financial and non-financial support. It caters for women and provides easy to use comprehensive finance. IWF also gives support services to help with the success of businesses. The categories it assists with, include start-up funding, business expansion, business rehabilitation, franchising and bridging finance. As a SME financier managed by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), IWF supports the creation of self-sustaining black and women owned businesses in South Africa providing financial and Non-financial support. IWF offices are in Durban, at 136 Victoria Embarkment, in the corner of Victoria Embarkment and Fentone Lane. Funding criteria: The business should be at least 6 months in operation Early stage, expansions and growth capital 50% plus one share owned and managed by women Potential for growth and commercial sustainability improved social impact in the form of job creation. Eligible business plans requiring funding of R30 000 to R2 million are invited to submit their applications for review by the IDF managers. Applications to the Isivande Women’s Fund should be made through http;// (to get application forms) or call 031 305 3389 in Durban or 011 772 7910 in Gauteng. This page is sponsored by

18 April 2016 SMME NEWS 5 Waliqala esengumfana omcane ibhizinisi edayisa izimoto zocingo Selizobalwa namakhulu ibhange elasungulwa yiNAFCOC Yi Ntatheli ye SMME News IKHONO lamabhizinisi lika Siyabonga Shandu (osesithombeni) wase Melville KwaDukuza, owaziwa ngelika Manyosi, labonakala esemncane enekhono lokwakha izimoto zocingo azidayise athole amasentshana abhekile. Lo somabhizinisi osesebenze nabaculi abaningi baKwaDukuza okungo Fiso Fakude, Icebo, Lungie Naidoo, Paradice Voices, nabanye ebadlalela ikeybard, abanye ebasiza ngokuningi, waziwa ngelika Manyosi, kanti nebhizibisi lakhe libizwa kanjalo, kususelwa esithakazelweni sesibongo sakhe sakwa Shandu. USiyabonga waziwa kakhulu KwaDukuza nase Mandeni lapho asehlala khona, ngokuhlela imicimbi nokuyifakela zonke izidingo zayo kusukela kwezemisindo,izinsimbi zomculo, ukukhanyisa ehholo kumbe etendeni lomcimbi, isiteji, nakho konke okunye okuqondene nomcimbi. Uke waba nesitolo kwa Chappies eMandeni, kodwa manje useqashise ngaso. Waqala ukuthanda umculo esemncane waze wafunda ukudlala ikeyboard eseyilungu leqembu lomculo wokholo lase Groutville, iParadise Voices. Kuleli qembu wayefakwe yisihlobo sakhe esalisungula u Felix Mthembu. Uthi okwamngenisa kakhulu ebhizinisini esafunda isikole wukugunda izinwele. Wagcina esenguthisha efundisa eNjubanjuba High School. Washiya ebuthisheni wayosebenzela izinkampane ezinkulu eMandeni, wagcina esenesitolo. Wenza izifundo ze sound engineering ukuze abe nguchwepheshe webhizinsi lakhe lemisindo. Usethenge izinsimbi ezintsha zalo msebenzi. Ubuye asize nentsha esandakuqeda esikoleni, ayifundisi ukuhlanganisa imisindo nokusebenzisa imishini yamazwi. Asabaqeqeshayo kulezi zinsuku bayishumi. Uthi lokhu ukwenza njengo hlelo lwe skills development entsheni. Oka Manyosi usethethe, unendodakazi eyodwa namadodana amabili. Usawadla anhlamvana unina uMaMthembu kanti uyise sewawushiya omagade ahlabayo. Abafuna eminye imininingwane ngenkampane iManyosi Sound, sikhona isikhangiso sayo kuleli phephandaba. XOLANI NXUMALO I AFRICAN Bank eyasungulwa yinhlangno yosomabhizinisi bomdabu iNational African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industries (Nafcoc), isaholwa ngu Dkt. Sam Motsoenyane, isingelinye lamabhizinisi uHulumeni anamasheya amaningi kuwo. Leli bhange elike ladunguzela eminyakeni embalwa eyedlule, kwasoleka nokuthi lingase liqumbeke phansi ngenxa yokuntengantenga kwesimo salo sezimali, kuvela ukuthi uselitakulile uhulumeni wakuleli. Usenamasheya angama 75% kulo. Empeleni leli bhange belingasaqhubi ejwayelekile yamabhange, okuwukulondoloza izimali zamakhasimende. Bese lisebenza njengo mashonisa njengoba belibolekisa ngemali kuphela. Kusukela kule nyanga ka Mbasa (April), liqale uhlelo olufana namabhange onke lokulondoloza imali yamakhasimende alo, emuva kokunikezwa ilayisense yalokhu ngo Ndasa (March) kulo nyaka. Lokhu kwenzeka ngesikhathi lapho ibhange elisanda kusungulwa kuleli, iCapitec Bank, kuvela ukuthi lidlondlobala ngesikhulu isivinini njengoba lisanda kuklonyeliswa ngendondo yokuba yibhange elivelele muva nje. Lokhu kubonakala kuzokuba yinselelo enkulu ku African Bank. Imithombo yezindaba iveza ukuthi kulamasheya obunikazi angama 75% kahulumeni ku African Bank, angama 50% kuwo ngawe Reserve Bank, bese kuthi angama 25% abe ngawe Public Investment Corporation. Isikhulu esiliphethe leli bhange ngu Mnu. Brian Riley. OPPORTUNITIES The Funza Lushaka Bursary for Teaching Are you considering becoming a teacher? Not sure what the procedure or cost will be? Maybe you need some financial assistance. The Funza Lushaka Busary Programme gives you the chance to make your teaching dream come true. The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is a multi-year programme that promotes teaching in public schools. Full-cost bursaries are available to enable eligible students to complete a full teaching qualification in an area of national priority. Recipients of these bursaries will be required to teach at a public school for the same number of years that they receive the bursary. Qualified recipients of the bursary must request placement in a province of their choice. The provincial education department (PED) concerned will determine whether there is suitable post available. If there is not, the applicant may be placed in a PED that does have suitable vacancies. Please note that bursars cannot choose the school in which they would like to be placed. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Applications for the Funza Lushaka bursary for 2016 will be accepted from CASH PAID FOR CARS & BAKKIES Give me a call for a hassle FREE DEAL!!! 072 666 3738 01 October 2016. Please note that there are approximately 3500 new bursaries available in 2016. New applicants are advised to also pursue other funding opportunities. Closing dates: Re-applications close on 16 November 2016; New applications close on 13 January 2017. KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health Bursary All applicants may obtain a KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health Bursary Application Form from the nearest Government Hospital, Human Resource Department, to where your family home is in KwaZulu-Natal. A poster advertising the KZN Department of Health’s Bursary Program will be placed at all Provincial Hospitals, Internet, Clinics and Municipal Offices, and will clearly display the respective fields of study / scarce skills required by the KZN Department of Health. Please ensure that you apply for a bursary if you are indeed studying for a degree/diploma as captured and advertised on the poster per District. You may therefore not apply for a bursary if the field of study you intend studying toward is not captured / reflected on the poster. When Can You Apply: KZN Department of Health Bursary Application Forms, for each academic year, can be collected from all Provincial Hospitals from 01/05 to 31/08 of every year. Late applications will not be considered. Requirements: • The applicant must be from KwaZulu-Natal • The applicant must have a good academic record • The applicant must have proof of application/registration to a Tertiary Institution • The applicant must not be in receipt of another bursary • The student must not have another degree/diploma • Recommendations will be made on a sliding scale in terms of parents income as follow: • R0 – R120000 (Tuition, Meals, Books, Accommodation) • R121000 – R150000 (Tuition, Meals and Accommodation) • R151000 – R200000 (Tuition, Accommodation, Books) • R201000 – R250000 (Tuition, Accommodation) • R251000 – R300000 (Tuition only) Closing date for applications: 31 August of every year Application Forms are only accessible at our Health Institutions. Sales Consultant A vacancy exists for a sales consultant who is skilled at coldcalling, building relationships and closing deals. The position focuses on selling advertising space for a newspaper. We are seeking a positive, enthusiastic and well-groomed sales person to join our team. You will be responsible for new business development and duties will include; calling on new customers, work independently and without supervision, to meet sales targets, volume and revenue objectives, coldcall and generate new business, have the ability to liaise at all levels of the business environment, be dedicated to customer care and service, be innovative, self-motivated and able to thrive in a pressurized and deadlinedriven environment. To apply, email your CV to or info@ or fax 086 536 5665. This is a commission based position and closes on 30 April 2016.

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