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Water Treatment 101

Water Treatment 101 Reverse Osmosis filter-modules are made from rolled and glued plastic membrane. Too many glue-lines and potential leaks to stop pathogens. Reverse Osmosis (RO) What is Reverse Osmosis? RO is a technology widely used for the desalination of water in large municipal and industrial plants. It works perfect in technical applications under controlled conditions. However, its use in homes raises critical questions, which we answer below. In RO, a layer made of polyamide plastic (PA) is used to separate water from dissolved ions. In production, PA is coated onto an endless role of porous plastic-support material, creating a large surface area. This composite flat-sheet is then cut and glued into bag-shape with the PA on its outside, later the bag’s openings are glued onto a perforated pipe. Now the plastic bags get rolled around the pipe, with a layer of curtain-like plastic spacer in between each bag and another spacer inside of it to enable water to flow in between and inside the bags. When finished, the perforated pipe is poking out on both sides of the the roll, later leading water towards your tap, after it has come across multiple layers of plastic and glue-lines. That’s an awful lot of plastic offering bacteria plenty of room to grow, even on the filter’s pure-water-side. How are substances transported through the Reverse Osmosis membrane? The transport of water and dissolved particles takes place through these three mechanisms: • A differential pressure between the inlet and clean water sides forces the water through the reverse osmosis membrane • Ions in the water (hardness, salt, etc..) and dissolved organic substances pass through the membrane due to the difference in concentration between the inlet and clean water side • Germs and particles pass through the membrane due to defects in the polyamide layer, which can happen when dust particles get trapped in the coating of the membrane. While the Reverse Osmosis membrane is very good at catching ions, it is not so good at catching dissolved organic matter. Depending on the type of pesticide or other dissolved organic matter, the retention rate is only between 20% and 80%. 12

Water Treatment 101 Reverse osmosis destroys the natural balance of water Change of chemical equilibrium Cold water that comes out of our tap is usually in a state of balance, not being acidic nor caustic. If dissolved substances are removed from, it will turn acidic our caustic, become aggressive and will start to dissolve minerals from surfaces it gets in touch with. Reverse Osmosis makes the water strongly acidic, it then attacks metal surfaces, dissolving metal ions. Consequences of separating H2O from its minerals in Reverse Osmosis When new, RO membranes remove dissolved minerals to a very high degree, letting only water (H2O) and its dissociating components (H3O + , OH - ) pass through the membrane, but also dissolved organics, like Pesticides or residuals of pharmaceuticals. Rejected minerals are concentrated up on the inletside of the filter, where they now precipitate as crystals and create a layer on the filter, increasing the difference of concentration of minerals between the inlet- and the pure-water-side so much, that minerals are now transported through the membrane quickly and the membrane looses it purification effect. Seccua filtration preserves nature’s balance In the treatment of drinking water for use in the private sector, Seccua filtration systems offer unique options. Typically, they are installed in the basements of private households, right at the point where the public water line enters the home. Together with a Seccua Biofilter, they then remove all pathogens and all dissolved elements in the water such as pesticides, drug residues, and plasticisers. By removing the bacteria and nutrients at the inlet, biofilms will still reduce within a few weeks. Compared to the Reverse Osmosis systems often employed in the private sector, Seccua’s filtration system offers many benefits. • full removal of pathogens: safe water at each tap in the home • natural minerals are left in the water • water remains naturally balanced and does not become aggressive (seeking chemical bonds) • no water wastage due to poor yields as with osmosis • energy saving: pressure from the line is sufficient and does not require a pump 13

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