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Seccua Brochure including all information you need to select the right water treatment technology for your home


Seccua Technology Legionella Cryptosporidium Background: Pores of Seccua Filtration E-Coli Microscopic picture of pathogens that can occur in drinking water, lying on the surface of a Seccua Filter. Seccua ® Filtration Water purification through natural filtration Seccua ® water filtering systems are the cutting edge of water filtering technology, developed in the finest tradition of German engineering. Striving to provide safe water for you, for your family or for your community, Seccua has developed a method of water filtration using a state-of-the-art membrane which is so unbelievably fine that it filters out pathogens and sediments. Mother Nature, with her state-of-the-art technology, filters water as it flows from the Alps or into deep artesian wells. Seccua’s water filtering units also filter water without the use of chemicals or UV treatment giving you water which is safe, refreshing and crystal clear – just like Mother Nature. Full removal of pathogens Seccua ® Filtration removes all pathogens by natural filtration, with pores being 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, 25 times smaller than the diameter of Legionella or E-Coli and 150 times smaller than Cryptosporidia. Not only pathogens, but all bacteria, parasites and micro-organisms are removed from water without the use of chemicals and without leaving any residual. Full removal of sediments and particles Sediments and particles in the water are also fully removed by Seccua ® Filtration. Downstream a Seccua ® Filter the water is crystal clear. Seccua ® Filtration protects the entire installation from sediments being flushed into it by city- or well-water. Automated flushing Sediments and pathogens removed by Seccua ® Filtration are flushed out to drain fully automatically. The Seccua ® line of filters includes systems capable of monitoring water consumption and filter fouling and of flushing themselves fully automatically, depending on the characteristics of the feed-water. Available for Whole-House or Point-of-Use Seccua ® Filtration is available in various product sizes. It can be used to purify city or well water at point-of-entry into a home or at point-of-use, either to filter water for a single outlet or an entire kitchen installation. Seccua ® Filtration is approved by many Health Regulators all over the world for removal of pathogens and sediments from water, amongst those are Regulators in the US, Germany, Canada and Australia. 18

Seccua Technology Mg Ca Ca Ca Ca Mg Ca Mg Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Mg Ca Ca Ca Ca Seccua AntiCal ® Key benefits Seccua AntiCal ® is providing these key benefits: • Hardness removal of up to 20% • No scaling in pipes, boilers or water-heaters • Stains from hard water drying onto surfaces can be easily wiped of • No regeneration chemicals needed • No Sodium added to water • Life-time of media: 5 to 8 years • Maintenance-free for 5-8 years How does Seccua AntiCal ® work? Hardness is determined by the concentration of Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca) dissolved in water. A part of the hardness contained in water is typically „ready-to-scale“ by the time the water reaches a home’s Point-of-Entry. This is caused by changes in pressure and temperature, which occur on the way the water travels from its origin. And that is what we make use of in Seccua AntiCal ® : It consists of little beads, which are coated with a crystalline surface-structure, very similar to the one of hardness-crystals. Scientists have known for a long time, that ions can hardly resist from „inserting“ themselves into their typical crystal structure, if such a crystal is near and their energy to remain dissolved is low. So when those volatile hardness-ions, which are ready-to-scale, touch the surface of the Seccua AntiCal ® media, they attach to its crystal-structure within a couple of seconds and build the foundation for a sub-microscopic hardness-crystal. As further ions come close and attach, the little hardness-crystal, aka seed-crystal, grows further and breaks of at a size of around 0,01 microns. Those seed-crystals now drift in the water and whenever more hardness wants to scale due to changes in temperature or pressure anywhere in the installation, it will scale onto those seed-crystals rather then to other surfaces, like e.g. metal, glass or plastic. In the end, those seed-crystals, being still thousands of times smaller than the diameter of a hair, get flushed out at point-ofentry. To provide for easy exchange of the media, it comes packaged in h a n d y b a g s , c a l l e d S e c c u a AroxBag ® , which are loaded into Seccua BioFilter ® housings. 19