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Seccua Home Solutions

Seccua Brochure including all information you need to select the right water treatment technology for your home


Seccua Products Seccua AntiArsenic ® Removing arsenic from drinking water Arsenic in water comes both from natural sources and from human-induced pollution. The resulting possible arsenic contamination in drinking water poses a major threat to human health. In certain areas, the concentration of arsenic can reach up to 1,500 ppb. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum pollutant load of 10 ppb in the drinking water supply. How does it work? The Seccua AntiArsenic ® media reduce arsenic load accordingly and thus meet the recommended requirements. A layer of iron oxide, which is coated on the resin, binds the arsenic in a special surface. Great to service, easy to exchange Once loaded with Arsenic, Seccua AntiArsenic ® can be disposed to regular waste. Seccua AntiArsenic ® comes in Seccua AroxBag ® , which provide for an easy exchange of media. The media can be replaced in the Seccua BioFilter ® housings without the use of tools. Seccua AntiTox ® Removing toxins and drug residues The unique technology of the Seccua BioFilter ® delivers pure, healthy drinking water to every tap in your home. The Seccua AntiTox ® module removes residual drugs, plasticisers, and endocrine disruptors from your tap water, right at the point of transfer from the municipal supply or your well to your home. Seccua AntiTox ® also removes taste and odour caused by organic substances or even harmful disinfection-by-products. How does it work? Seccua AntiTox ® contains activated carbon, made from coconut shell, pre-washed and treated to achieve best possible adsorption results. Dissolved organic matter, like those listed above, adsorb to the large surface provided by Seccua Anti- Tox ® . Easy to combine, easy to replace Unlike any other activated-carbon-filter, Seccua Anti- Tox ® comes packaged into a handy Seccua Arox- Bag ® . The Seccua AroxBag ® can be easily replaced from the Seccua BioFilter ® -housing, once it needs to be replaced. 20

Seccua Products Räyn ® Removes all pathogens and nano-particles from your water. Reliably and without residuals. Guaranteed. Räyn ® removes all pathogens from water Räyn ® removes all bacteria, parasites, spores and all other micro-organisms from water, proven in many tests performed by independent research labs. Räyn incorporates state-of-the-art filter-technology, an absolute, super-robust fire-wall for pathogens. Räyn ® reduces pathogens in water by a factor of greater than one million. Medical-grade technology, even at home Räyn ® purifies your water through filters with poresizes of only a few millionth of a millimetre, which are also used in medical applications. Those pores are smaller than even the smallest micro-organisms. The filters of the Räyn ® remove more than 99,99999% of all micro-organisms from water. The housing of the Räyn ® is made from robust metal, its surface has been finished for elegant appearance and best possible resistance against commonly used home-cleaning agents. Shower filtration Räyn ® removes all Legionella from the water in your shower. In opposite to conventional Legionella-filters, Räyn ® can be combined with existing shower-heads, even shower heads with high flows work seamlessly with Räyn. And unlike conventional Legionella-filters, Räyn ® cartridges can be replaced separately. Due to its superior filter quality, Räyn ® offers up to three-times the life-time compared to conventional shower-filters. Drinking-water purification With its high filtration performance, Räyn ® delivers full flow and is ideal for filtering fresh drinking water, under-thesink in your kitchen, at a water-fountain or upstream a refrigerator. Filtering drinking-water, Räyn ® removes pathogens and nano-particles, but not important minerals. Water remains in its natural balance. 21