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Seccua Home Solutions

Seccua Brochure including all information you need to select the right water treatment technology for your home


Seccua Products Seccua AntiCal ® : Performance data Medium: Best use: Seccua AntiCal ® medium installation into the cold-water-line at point-of-entry into a house to protect its installation from scaling. Not to be used: Seccua AntiCal ® is not to be used when partial of full desalination or softening with more than 20% hardness removal is required. Removal: Capacity: Flow: Combinations: Important: Combinations: reduces hardness up to 20%, reduces scaling in water-heaters, pipes, boilers and equipment alike Seccua AntiCal ® medium has a typical lifetime of 5 years stand-alone: 60 l/min (15.9 gpm) combined: 30 l/min (7.9 gpm) ideal to combine with Seccua Anti- Arsenic ® , Seccua AntiCal ® and Seccua ® Filtration feed-water must not contain double-positively-charged ions like Iron or Copper. ideal to combine with Seccua Anti- Arsenic ® , Seccua AntiTox ® and Seccua ® Filtration Medium: Seccua AntiArsenic ® : Performance data Removal 1 : ion exchange resin for selective arsenic adsorption reduces the arsenic contamination in potable water supplies to meet requirements of WHO and EPA standards. Capacity 2 : combined: 175.000 liters (46,230 US gal) up to 420.000 liters (110,952 US gal) stand-alone: 350.000 liters (92,460 US gal) to 840.000 liters (221,904 US gal) Flow: stand-alone: 420 L/h (2 gpm) combined: 210 l/h (1 gpm) Combinations: ideal to combine with Seccua Anti- Tox ® , Seccua AntiCal ® and Seccua ® Filtration 1 Removal performance depends on the type of contaminant present. Please consult your Seccua sales representative for further information. 2 Removal capacity depends on the type and concentration of contaminate present in water. Capacity can be less then stated or higher. 28

Seccua 100 micron Fine-Filter with integrated pressure-regulator Application The Seccua 100 micron fine-filter combines a back-washable filter and a pressure-regulator into one device. The 100 micron fine-filter prevents particles, like e.g. rust, remainders of teflon tape, sand or shavings of plastic and metal pipe, from intruding into your installation and downstream devices. The integrated pressure-regulator protects your installation from too high water-pressure spreading into your installation from your city-water-mains or your well’s feed-pump. Benefits • 100 micron (µm) cut-off • Best installed upstream of any further treatment equipment • Protects your Seccua ® Filtration from damage through debris • Easily back-washable • Integrated pressure-regulator to protect your water system and installation from too high line-pressure • Built-in pressure gauge (available in bar and psi) • Connector can be turned 90° for installation into rising and horizontal pipe Technical Data Operating Pressure: max. 16 bar (232 psi) min. 1,5 bar (22 psi) Pressure head: Pressure head from 0 bar (0 psi) @ no flow up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) at flow of 4.500 L/min (19.8 gpm) Operating temperature: max. 30 °C (104 °F) min. 4°C (39 °F) Weight & Dimensions: Width 150 mm (5.9 in.) Depth 105 mm (4.1 in.) Height 395 mm (15.6 in) Weight 2,9 kg dry (6.4 lb.) Connecting ports: 3/4“ BSPP threads or 3/4“ NPT threads (please specify when ordering). Mounting: Can be integrated into horizontal and vertical pipe-lines. Filter-bowl has to face downwards. Material: Filter screen: Stainless steel Housing: Robust, food-grade plastic acc. to German DIN EN standards Connector: Brass Gasket: NBR Membrane pressure reducer: NBR, FRP 29

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