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Water & Health Herzlich

Water & Health Herzlich Willkommen! Pure drinking water If one asks what people want most in life, "health" is almost always at the top. But that does not come by accident: regular and ample drinking is a basic prerequisite for long lasting health. Human beings consists of almost two-thirds water. In order to keep your water balance even, you should drink about two litres daily. If you are working out or when it is hot outdoors, you should drink up to four litres a day. For this, natural spring water or well water, the water under our management, is the best choice: it invigorates mind and body, gives you new energy and refreshes your cells with valuable minerals and trace elements. When choosing your drinks, you should of course be health and environment conscious: High quality, low sugar, light packaging, light plastics, light transport. Drink consciously, stay healthy Nowadays you will find germs, drug residues and other pollutants in many foods, including mineral water or table water. Bottle water travels from the bottling place to your supermarket and then to your home for a long time, standing on pallets in the sun, stored in heated distribution centres and, especially in the summer, transported in warm trucks. The germs which already existed in the source water or which were bottled with the water multiply. New pollutants, such as plasticisers from plastic packages, can also get into the water. Also, tap water is often contaminated with pathogens and other pollutants, but you can deal with its preparation yourself and make sure that you get the best possible water quality! "... it is an excellent means for the healthy to maintain their health and strength, so is the first remedy in disease; It is the most natural, the simplest and, if used correctly, the surest means. The water is my best friend and will remain so until I die." (Sebastian Kneipp) 2

Water & Health Pure water for the whole family We often come into contact with the vital element of water: in the morning brushing our teeth and showering, during lunch, evening bathing or showering and throughout the day when drinking and washing hands. For all these occasions the water should have the best possible quality, because not only do you often drink from the water tap in the bathroom or the kitchen, but everyone in the family likes to relax and breathe deeply while in the shower. Then the water must be safe and clean: free from pathogens such as legionella, which enter the pipelines of our houses from the city network and multiply in our showers, and free of drug residues and pesticides. You can get the best protection if you prepare the water where it enters your house before it is distributed in the pipeline or heated in the water heater. Crystal clear, pure and fresh water throughout the house! Water quality through the ages According to common Drinking and Mineral Water Regulation, water is currently only being tested for pathogens by spreading a sample on a culture medium. This method is already over a hundred years old. Today it is known that only one hundredth to one thousandth of the germs present in water can be detected on such a culture medium. 99.9% of all germs are not detected by conventional testing methods! Modern technology, which has already proved its worth in medicine shows that both pipeline and mineral water carry up to 200,000 active cells per each millilitre. In 1876, Robert Koch for the first time cultivated pathogens in a culture medium; since then this outdated method still is used as a testing method for bacteriological water quality, although it is known today, that it can only detect a fraction of pathogens present in water. A concentration which leads to strong biofilm formation in pipeline networks, thus providing refuge for pathogens. 3