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SMME NEWS 2 Editor’s Note 16 May 2016 Tourism Indaba 2016 KWAKUBANDA amathumbu kuxhuxhuzele izisu ngisho ezikhulwini zikaHulumeni wobandlulo ngonyaka we 1976, uma kuphathwa igama lomholi wentsha yase Soweto owayeneminyaka yobudala eyi 19 ngalowo nyaka, uTeboho Tsietsi Mashinini. Ngaphandle kokuba yisishoshovu sepolitiki esikoleni ayefunda kuso i Morris Isaacson High School, eSoweto, uTsietsi wayebuye abe nguMengameli weNhlangano yentsha ye Methodist Church of Southern Africa, amaWeseli, eyaziwa ngele Methodist Youth Guild. Lo mholi ungomunye wabafundi abahlela imibhikisho eyaduma umhlaba wonke, yabafundi base Soweto yowe 1976. Yagcina isiyaziwa ngele Soweto Uprisings, kodwa yasabalala kulo lonke leli. Yizo lezi zibhelu zase Soweto ezaba nomthelela ekuvalweni unyaka wonke kweNyuvesi yase Zululand, uNgoye, ngalowo nyaka abafundi bakhona sebevuke indlobane bezwelana nabase Soweto. Nguyena uTsietsi owayethatheka njengo bhongoza walezi zibhelu njengoba igama lakhe lalihlale lise misakazweni nasemaphephandabeni angaleso sikhathi. Wayeyisiqengqe esikoleni, ehola ithimba lesikole sakhe lezinkulumo-mpikiswano (Debate Team). Yilokhu okwamcija ukuba akwazi ukukhulumela abafundi kwabezindaba. Babechitha ukufundiswa ngolimi lwesiBhunu okwase kuphoqwa wuHulumeni wobandlululo. Yena nabanye abaholi babafundi okubalwa no Seth Mazibuko owayese Morris Isaacson High, no Murphy Morobe owayese Orlando North Secondary School (bona basekhona), bahola intsha eyayingabafundi ezikoleni SMME NEWSPAPER subscribes to the South African Press Code that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code please contact the Press Ombudsman at 011 484 3612/8, fax: 011 4843619 Management & Editorial Team Xolani Nxumalo - Editor zase Soweto mhla ziyi 16 kuNhlangulana kowe 1976. Lokhu kwaholela ekudutshulweni kubulawe inqwaba yabafundi, bebulawa ngamaphoyisa. Phakathi kwabafundi abadutshulwa babulawa ngalelo langa, ngumfana omncane owayesafunda e Primary School uHector Pieterson. Okwamgqamisa yisithombe sakhe esedutshuliwe ethwelwe ngabafundi ababili ababebadadlana oMbuyi Makhubu no Antoinette Pieterson, udadewabo. Lesi sithombe sathwetshulwa wuqweqwe lomthwebuli Xolani Nxumalo KWADUKUZA educators and high school learners gathered at KwaDukuza-Sappi Resource Centre this month to be introduced to Hour of Code Project : Classrooms of Tomorrow. This is a revolutionary form of education which is expected to reach thousands of youth. It is spearheaded by Change the World Trust in collaboration with the Department of Education. Its aim is to ensure that South African youth is equipped for the world stage. According to Mr David D. Silva who was a facilitator of this workshop, Power of Code was established to ensure that thousands of youth in rural communities have access to free computer science education, a language that is rapidly becoming essential to people’s everyday life. He further said that people now depend on technology from MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs of KwaZulu Mike Mabuyakhulu (left) with high dignitaries who attended 2016 tourism indaba. Ilembe 2016 Entrepreneur Competition A famous young strawberry farmer Xolani Dube, will be a guest speaker at the launch of the Entrepreneur Competition 2016, in Ballito on Thursday. Xolani is an aspiring young businessman growing strawberry in Ballito. He and his wife Yoliswa, produce 1 000 to 2 000 punnets of strawberries for local retailers. If the couple had listened to the expert who told them that investing in an early age. KwaDukuza Resource Centre fully endorses the Hour of Code and understands the value of computer science education and as such, has opened the doors to all youth. It also calls for educators and schools to collaborate with and coordinate efforts to introduce youth to computer science. This resource centre, which is situated at KwaDukuza, has facilities and facilitators to accommodate training. a strawberry farm in Ballito, KwaZulu- Natal was going to be a waste of time because of climatic conditions of Ilembe District, they’d probably still be chasing stressful office deadlines. They have created employment for at least 100 people, as they employ 80 people a day to pick strawberries, and 100 in peak season. Their farm at Compensation is known as Cappeny Estates. The Entrepreneur 2016 Competition Educators and high school learners of KwaDukuza introduced to higher level computer science The educators of Stanger High School at the Hour of Code workshop The workshop was also attended by the Deputy Education Specialist based in Ilembe district by the name of Mrs S. Nunkumar. Caption The Deputy Education Specialist in Ilembe District Mrs S. Nunkumar (centre) doing an assignment with the principal of Banguni High School Mr S.S. Zungu (left) and Mr F.M. Biyela, the educator of Banguni High School. Office A,Suite 13, Sanhall Office Park,1 Kirsty Close, Ballito, 4420, launch will be held at iLembe Chamber offices, Unit 14 The Quarter, 1 Stewart Drive, Ballito, on Thursday the 19th of May, 2016. According to organisers of this event, the finalists will walk away with business development funding and benefit from mentoring, tutoring, business plan development, professional business branding and media exposure. For more information, one can call Ntombifuthi on 087 354 6343. Forever Living Products ON SALE NOW! AGENTS WANTED CONTACT: Jackie 063 303 4488 Tinky Ogle - Publisher Phumzile Manana - Administrator. Neresh Gayapershad- Sales Manager Siyabonga Sikhakhane - Sub-editor and Layout Thandeka Ngidi - Journalist Nontobeko Duma - Journalist Marvellous Zondi - Journalist

SMME NEWS 4 SMME, what you should know 16 May 2016 Completing and submitting tender documents (Continuation from the April issue) As a supplier, you too have input costs. All business has fixed and variable costs and are in the business of making profit. Some of these include Research & Development, manufacturing, administration, marketing and sales, salaries, commissions, etc. when pricing your offering you need to know what these are and also understand what profit margin can be added without destroying your competitiveness. These are internal factors that impact both your price and the profitability of your careful in understanding the difference between markup and margin. Maxing the two is dangerous and can lead to significant errors in final profitability. After deciding your final selling price, you need to consider how the client will want to pay and what the impact would be on your organization. Some options include, (1) Full payment up front, (2) Deposit with deferred payments, (3) Lease, etc. Often you may be supplying goods that have been imported and you have purchased these in foreign currency. If this is the case, then you will need to take exchange rate fluctuations into account and also consider foreign inflation rates. These, and others, are known as ‘external factors’ and these can have a significant effect on the total cost of ownership. There is a price below which your company will lose money. This price is known as the breakeven point. Sometimes a company will sell below this price especially if they are trying to get into an account for the first time. However, this is a very dangerous game to play. Obviously profit is what business is all about, so it is vital that you know your breakeven price. Firstly, so that you can bid an initial price with a suitable profit margin above it. Remember, clients are just as intelligent as you and have a very good idea of what a fair market price is. Secondly, when it comes to the price negotiation round of evaluations it is critical that you know your breakeven price. So that you do not get beaten into accepting a price below your breakeven point and thereby lose money on the deal. Clearly understanding the fixed and variable costs of delivering your goods or services is crucial to fixing the breakeven price. If you are offering financing options, these too will have an impact on the breakeven point and you need to understand this. If, you are offering a number of goods, your breakeven could be affected by the number that the client purchases. Especially, if the variable cost contributes a significant portion of the total cost. It is useful to design a spreadsheet that includes all fixed and variable costs, the selling price and the effects of financing options. This will allow for ‘what-if ’ scenarios to be considered and will also allow you to see the results graphically. Which is often much easier to understand and present. Before finally submitting your response to the tender, check all your costing and pricing. In fact, get someone else to check for you. Check that you have met every requirement called for in the tender, or at least commented on them all. It is good policy to separate out functions in responding to a tender. The person responsible for the client account and the business relationship, often called the ‘Account Manager’ should have final responsibility for the response. However, power of veto should be vested in a technical design authority as well as in a financial oversight committee. The technical design authority is responsible for responding to the ‘technical’ requirements of the tender. They are the ones who usually have to deliver the goods or service that you are selling and therefore have the right to ‘sign off ’ on the response. The financial oversight committee are responsible for company financial performance. They have to agree to committing resources. As all resources have a financial implication. This committee also understand the bigger picture, whilst the Account Manager normally is only accountable for relationship and revenues from one or two client companies and is always biased towards his client. Especially, as his salary and commission are from the client. Negotiate with suppliers and investigate new products/services to apply competitive tender costing. Winning a tender is more than just answering it and submitting it in time! It takes thought, imagination, understanding and wisdom. Very often your response to a tender will be a solution i.e. solving a problem often a very complex one. Your solution may require putting together products and services from multiple suppliers. You will need to deal with many variables and many cost inputs. All of these are, in general, different from each of your suppliers. Your task is to put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle and present as a coherent, valuable and cost-effective solution for your client. For each additional supplier that you use in building your solution, your complexity increases exponentially, especially if you make use of international suppliers. You will have to juggle, languages, time-zones, technologies and currencies. This requires deft negotiation skills so that you can blend this into a winning tender response. In trying to determine what price you should bid in your response to a tender, it is important to look at both sides (1) Your competitors: What are your competitors doing in this area ? (2) What are they charging? (3) What are they likely to charge in this tender? On the next issue we will discuss COSTING (To be continued) Nonto’s Business Corner Apps create young millionaires If you are a young budding entrepreneur creating a successful app maybe the way for you to get your big break. Digital entrepreneurship has churned out junior millionaires. The advantage that young people have in this digital market is they are the creators of trends and can easily grasp the fast changes in technology. The most successful apps come from someone who just thought of an app they would use themselves. Such as the controversial Lobola calculator app created by South African developer Kopo Robert Matsaneng. Candy crush a hugely popular gaming App owned by KING is worth $19 billion. Even existing companies like banks and airlines are using apps to make their customers lives easier. This capital needed for this kind of startup is your laptop or smartphone which is usually something most young people have on hand. Creating an app requires all your creative energy, consume as much knowledge on the current apps and pay close attention to find a gap in the market that can fit your app. The age of the digital entrepreneur is here it is a lucrative option that requires little to no start up capital. The Uber app (a taxicab service app) owns no taxis yet it is worth $40 billion .its creator Travis Kalaniek came up with it after becoming frustrated with the expensive cab prices something we can relate to in South Africa as well. If you have an innovative brain wave that you believe might make a viable App get in touch with the council for scientific and industrial research (CSIR) to get support as they are often looking for innovators. For more information visit; or call 012-841-2911 Enterprise Development Programmes JUNIOR Achievement South Africa is a unique intensive incubator style entrepreneurship skills programme. The aim of this project is to address the unemployment challenge amongst the youth. This programme provides practical entrepreneurial skills and traditional workplace readiness skills. The programme consists of 24 hour sessions which runs from three to four months. The students are expected to start running a real business, with the intention that the businesses are sustained after the programme is completed. Who should apply? Young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, who are not in school and are currently unemployed. Participants are chosen based on: Commitment to the programme Inclination to participate in entrepreneurial activity Ability to demonstrate problem solving skills Commitment to their personal development. To contact Junior Achievement South Africa Phone: 011 331 3150 Email: Opportunities for youth in Renewable Energy sector THE Department Of Energy is looking to fund businesses that can contribute towards the country’s energy sector, especially in the fields of : Renewable energy and waste management, especially turning waste management into energy. The province of Kwa-Zulu Natal is the best resource of renewable energy as the climate is very agreeable. To get into understand the need for energy innovations in South Africa, to light up this, R100 million per year has been provided to all five campuses of the University of KwaZulu- Natal. The Integrated Renewable Energy Advancement Programme (IREAP) of UKZN partnered with the IDC ,DOE and DTI to provide courses in engineering and energy research. IREAP courses are offered up to postgraduate level. If you have another degree you can register for masters in engineering course at UKZN within energy department. IREAP also offers an incubator programme primarily focused on the commercialization of renewable energy projects. With all these opportunities in the energy sector, if you have a business plan with idea that provides solutions involving Biogas, renewable energy and turning waste management into energy, present your innovation to the DOE and turn your energy idea into wealth. What is an Incubation Programme ? “Incubators are designed to help move SMMEs from beginners stage into corporates. Incubations grows sustainable businesses. They help with marketing and developing not SALES”, says Robynne Erwin of SMME DIAGNOSTICS. Business incubators help new enterprises rate of success to increase drastically. Most new enterprises fail within the first three years from lack of support. Incubators supplement this by offering training, advice and services. This training often zones in on business planning, management and leadership. Before choosing an incubator for your business, here are a few questions to ask. What is the purpose of the incubator? How is this aligned to the entrepreneur’s objectives and needs? What selection criteria and process does MOST successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and the giants of google, have achieved success through providing a unique and creative leadership style. Everything rises and falls on leadership keeping your employees engaged is of great importance. Statistically 8% of employees are fully engaged in their workplace, while 64% are fully unengaged. Motivated and committed employees help the business grow by providing problem solving strategies and offering the project at hand their full commitment. As an entrepreneur you are often motivated by a passion in your project, but how do you keep the people involved in the business motivated as well? Brand Pretorius, a motivational speaker and leadership expert provides these key points in becoming a successful business leader. the incubator employ? What kind of fellow tenants might this criteria and process result in? Are the entrepreneur’s most needed services catered for at the right price? How is the incubator connected to the people, resources and networks most desired by the entrepreneur? What financial deal is the incubator offering or demanding? Will co-branding with the incubator strengthen the brand of the new venture? Have a look at these Incubators to get you started; Bizfarm - Tel- + 27 31 201 7444/+ 27 31 811 2554/+ 27 31 201 7444, Email- Smartxchange - Tel: +27 31 307-1988 Leadership in business Leadership is a responsibility not a right, one has to earn the moral mandate to lead daily. Leadership is not about power, fear and position. It is about influence through quality of advice. A true leader leads enough to help people to be able to lead themselves. There is a difference between leading people and managing people. Managers micro-manage and control, but leaders inspire trust. Leading is serving, so always aspire to be a servant leader. If you cannot lead yourself you cannot lead other people, therefore take introspection of yourself. Leadership is about character not charisma, results instead of effort and effective implementation instead of just ideas. You can measure you leadership skill by your ability of translating vision into reality. This page is sponsored by

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