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Tips to Convert Your Magento Online Store into a Mobile App!

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Instead, you can use a different way to extract information about your users. Ask them to log in from their social media accounts. By doing so, you can also get their information and help them complete the purchase quickly. Also, provide the option of signing in through Facebook and Gmail and help your customers to make their purchase quickly. Offer your users with the feature to save their details on the app. By doing so, they will be able to make the purchase quickly and in a couple of clicks. If you do not want cart abandonments on your store, streamline the check out process on your app. By testing and analyzing the number of users on your app, you get to know about the features and aspects of your application that need improvement. And Some More… The above given were the most important aspects. However, there are several other little and significant things that you need to consider while creating your​ ​Magento mobile app​. Some of them are given below: 1. As 70% to 95% people are right-handed, you must ensure that the design of your app is right thumb friendly. 2. Make sure you keep your app updated in the latest version of Magento and invest into a secure and trusted mobile app builder. Remember, vulnerable applications are easy for the hackers to target. 3. Images tend to make the applications run slowly. So, make sure that you use less of them. Users do not wait for very long for the 4 ​

app to load. If your app takes a lot of time to load images, the users will leave. Last, But Not The Least Usually, the structure of your app depends on the type of platform you are using. However, when you use Magento, you must remember that less is more. If you want to attract more users, there is nothing like a streamlined and secure app that enables your users to order quickly. You are sure to find several companies that offer Magento App Development services. But you must strike a deal with a company which has ample years of experience in developing and making applications. Or else, just the way we mentioned above, you can invest into an extension that enables you to build an app for your ecommerce store. We hope these tips come of help when you think of building your mobile app. Do you already have a ​mobile app for your e-store​? Or are you planning to have one? Please share with us. 5 ​

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