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HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-U Heater and air conditioning system


Control system Control system Structural view of control system 1 Blower motor 2 Condenser fan 3 Speed regulation resistance 4 Electromagnetic clutch 5 A/c relay 6 Condenser fan relay 7 Blower relay 9 Refrigerant pressure switch 10 Thermal protector 11 Thermistor 12 A/c amplifier U-10

Control system Blowe motor removal/installation 1. disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. remove in order as shown in the table. 3. install in reverse order as of removal. Electromagnetic clutch disassembly/assembly 1. disassemble in order as shown in the table. 2. assemble in reverse order as of disassembly. 3. adjust the electromagnetic clutch clearance. 1 Connector 2 Front blower motor Blower motor inspection 1. disconnect blower motor connector. 2. connect terminal b of front blower motor to ground; connect motor terminal to battery positive voltage. Inspect operation of motor. If specified requirement is not met, replace the front blower motor. 1 Bolt 2 Pressure plate 3 Flexible snap ring 4 A/c compressor pulley 5 Screw 6 Clip 7 Screw 8 Coil U-11

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