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HAIMA 7 Service Manual(MT)-U Heater and air conditioning system

Performance test of

Performance test of cooling system Performance test of cooling system 1. follow refrigerant charge inspection and cooling system pressure inspection procedure. (refer to section u, refrigerant charge inspection) (refer to section u refrigerant pressure inspection.) If it does not meet the technical requirements, diagnose and eliminate the faults of cooling system.(refer to section u, troubleshooting index.) If they are correct, go to the next step. 2. place a dry-bulb thermometer in central air port at driver side. 3. open the engine hood. 4. warm up the engine to normal operation temperature and keep it running at a constant revolution of 1,500 rpm. 5. set front fan switch at 4 th position. 6. turn on a/c switch. 7. set the reciculate indoor mode. 8. set the temperature control to max cold. 9. set vent mode. 10 close all doors and windows. 11. wait until the central air port temperature is stable, and then the outlet air temperature is also stable. The a/c compressor is repeatedly turned on and off under control of the temperature sensor. 12. measure central air port temperature. 13. measure the ambient temperature. 14. verify that intersection of the central air port temperature and ambient temperature is in the shaded zone. If not, diagnose and remove any troubles in the cooling system. (refer to section u, troubleshooting index) Central air port temperature Outlet temperature Ambient temperature U-5

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