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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB

4 Communication styles

4 Communication styles In groups, answer the questions. 1 How close do you like to be when speaking with a business colleague? 2 How much eye contact are you comfortable with? 3 Are you comfortable with long periods of silence? 4 How do you feel about interruptions? o ">D (02.41 listen to a short talk at the beginning of a workshop on communication styles and cultural awareness. Complete the table with the appropriate cultures. Communication silence comfortable uncomfortable Culture Eart Ariao, Arab interruptions seen as rude seen as acceptable one metre half a metre twelve centimetres ............... . ..........."................. most eye conrta:ct::-{ m L idd[le:::::::::J least E • .............................. 6 Do you agree with the information presented? e Look at the audio script on page 165 and list the sentence(s) which: 1 use rhetorical questions to get the audience's attention 2 give the topic of the talk 3 describe the speaker's expertise 4 outline what the audience will gain from the talk 5 emphasise that something is important 6 outline the structure of the talk 7 ask the audience a question. e In groups, discuss some of the things that would be seen as rude in your culture and also any things that you know would be rude in other cultures. scanned for Paul Jennings

CULTURAL AWARENESS .. COMMUNICATION STYLES Prepare a short presentation to a group of businesspeople who wish to do business in your country, but who do not know much about your culture, customs and etiquette. Choose four topics from the list below to talk about in your presentation. • Proximity • Gift giving • Interruptions • Dining etiquette • Eye contact • Punctuality • Greetings • Dress etiquette • Saying goodbye • Business cards Use the following structure for your talk: • gain the audience's attention at the beginning • state the topic of the short talk • describe your expertise • state what the audience will gain from the talk • outline the structure of the talk • give the main body of the talk • ask a question at some point to keep the audience involved. Look at the audio script on page 165 for help with the language of how to organise your presentation. Give your presentation to other members ofthe group. Discuss which was the most interesting presentation and why. 121 scanned for Paul Jennings

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