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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB

1 Brands, Starting up,

1 Brands, Starting up, Exercise A, page 6 INTERBRAND LIST 1999 INTERBRAND LIST 2007 1 Coca-Cola 1 Coca-Cola 2 Microsoft 2 Microsoft 3 IBM 3 IBM 4 General Electric 4 General Electric 5 Ford 5 Nokia 6 Disney 6 Toyota 7 Intel 7 Intel 8 McDonald's 8 McDonald's 9 AT&T 9 Disney 10 Marlboro 10 Mercedes-Benz 1 Brands, Skills, Exercise D, page 11 Student A In your opinion, the Cecile products have sales potential, but the marketing strategy is wrong. You want: • a new brand name_ 'Cecile' does not suit this beautiful jewellery for sophisticated women. • a new logo. The present logo (three wavy lines) is boring. • a much wider range of products and designs - at presentthere are only five in the collection. • a better slogan. 'Only for you' has not been successful. • more colours. 2 Travel, Reading, Exercise B, page 16 Business travel on a budget by Roger Bray s The mere existence of business class and 'business hotels' tends to convey the impression that anyone travelling in connection with work has cash to spend. But this is untrue. UKbased John Cox, who runs his own publishing consultancy, is a perfect example: ') mainly Hyon Star Alliance carriers and do between 80,000 and 10 100,000 miles a year, mostly across the Atlantic with United. I always pay the lowest economy fare I can find, bur, of course, I earn frequent-flyer points to gel upgrades. Sometimes 15 I even go on a Saturday to gel the lowest fare .' 'I recently flew from London to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington and back - and 20 saved £400 by travelling out on a Saturday rather than Sunday.' For simple trips - three days in New York, for example - he suggests seeking a city break from a tour 25 operator, which might incorporate a fare for midweek flights at the same sort of level otherwise available to passengers flying on Saturdays. It is also possible to cut the air- 30 ticket bill by booking in advance and avoiding peak travel. A recent study published by BTl UK showed companies could make the greatest savings by booking flights 35 three to four weeks in advance. Mr Cox says he tends to use taxis only when burdened with heavy luggage. 'I'm probably the world's greatest customer of public transport. 40 A taxi to or from JFK, for example, costs about $60 with a tip. On the AirTrain and subway, it's only $7. Not long ago, r went to Milan for the first time in 20 years. flew to Linate 45 rather than Malpensa because it's mllch closer to the city, inquired at the airport about transport and took a bus which cost me a couple of euros.' Regarding hotels, Mr Cox says, 50 'I want a certain level of service, Internet access - preferably wireless - and a good-class laundry service.· High-speed, in-room Internet access is becoming available further and 55 fu rther down the price scale. In the UK, the 470 properties under the Premier Travel Inn brand have highspeed connections in all rooms. Finally, remember that hotel 60 groups have shifted to 'dynamic 6S pricing', which is jargon for doing what airlines do: altering rates to renect demand. Try to bear in mind that in city-centre hotels, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are generally the most popular for business travellers. 134 scanned for Paul Jennings

ACTIVITY FILE 2 Travel. Case study. page 20 Head oITravel. NeoTech You want to arrange a suitable time for a meeting with the Account Manger of BTS. Here is your diary for the week. Morning Afternoon Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday All day at exhibition Free Appointment at dentist 2 p.m. Meeting Free after 1 p.m. Training session all day and early evening Correspondence + interviews Free after 2 p.m. 4 Organisation. Skills. Exercise F. page 41 Students A and B Student A: You are attending the conference with your boss (Student B). Student B: You are attending the conference with a junior colleague (Student A). 1 Decide together on the following: • company name • activity / area of business • department you work for • recent activities 2 Introduce yourselves to the people at the conference. Find out about them. Note: you both enjoy talking about your department 4 Organisation. Case study. page 43 Vice·President You chair the meeting. You have not finally decided on the relocation. Listen to the opinions, then make up your mind. You have the following thoughts at present. Add any other paints you can think of. • You can understand that many staff may not want to leave a beautiful city where they have friends and relatives. • Some staff will not be able to move because they are caring for elderly relatives. • Overseas visitors would probably prefer to visit the Head Office in Paris, even though hotels there would be more expensive than in the Beauchamp region. But ... • The new purpose· built building will help to create a more loyal, less mobile workforce. • The working environment in the new building will be good for communication and staff relations. • Buying land for further expansion will not be expensive in the new location. • Rising rental costs in Paris will make it difficult for InStep to expand in the city. scanned for Paul Jennings 135

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