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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB


ACTIVITY FILE 6 Money, Skills, Exercise A, page 57 Business in brief h was a bad day for the London market. Following disappointing results from FedEx in the US and fears of a credit crunch, the FTSE 5 100 fell 125 points or 1.8 per cent to 5,756.9, while the FTSE 250 fell 189.1 points or 1.9 per cent to 9,538. Only eight blue-chip stocks managed to make gains. The best 10 was Smith & Nephew, Shares in the medical devices group rose 2.9 per cent to 5991' after UBS upgraded the stock to a 'buy' recommendation. S&N was also 15 supported by rumours of a bid approach from a Japanese company. On the other hand, British Airways. down 5.2 per cent to 225'/,p, fell even further after Morgan Stanley 20 cut its largel to 149p. This was because of worries about increasing fuel prices. Tate and Lyle, the sugar and sweeteners grouP. lost 5.8 per cent 25 to 402'/,p after CityGroup lowered its forecasts because of rising com prices. Following recent floods in lhe US, lhe cost or com has risen 25 per cent. 6 Money, Case study, page 59 Sculptures of famous people Description You make sculptures of famous people, e.g. Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson, George Clooney, etc. The average price of a sculpture is $30,000. A recent sculpture of Nelson Mandela was bought for $55,000. The sculptures are aimed at all art lovers, but especially wealthy collectors. Why you want the money To finance and market exhibitions of 100 sculptures in New York and San Francisco art galleries next year. Advantages for tycoons The sculptures are very popular. The tycoons will be allowed to own nine of the sculptures at the end of the exhibitions. Negotiating terms You want the tycoons to invest $200,000 in 100 sculptures. You offer 10% of the total sales revenue. Yo u moy invent any other information you wish. Note: it is likely that the tycoons will ask for a bigger stake in your business. Yo u must decide if it is worth increasing your offer. Try to predict what questions they will ask you. ,-----, Alfresh lunch box with cooler Description You have your own company, Wangli Products. It makes a range of products for the leisure and food industries. The lunch box has sections for food, such as cheese and fruit, and small and large pots for milk, yoghurt, fruit juice, etc. There's a space for cooler bags. Alfresh is aimed mainly at schoolchildren, but will also be used by adults. Why you want the money You have cashfiow problems at present. You need additional finance to launch and market the new product. Advantages for tycoons The unique design of the box, its shape and colourful appearance will ensure it will be a winner! Turnover/profit projections Year 1: $100,000/$20,000 Year 2: $500,000/$260,000 Year 3: $3.5m/$1.2m Negotiating terms You want the tycoons to invest $200,000 for a stake of 10% in our business. You may invent any other information you wish. Note: it is likely that the tycoons will ask for a bigger stake in your business. Yo u must decide if it is worth increasing your offer. Try to predict what questions they will ask you. 136 scanned for Paul Jennings

ACTIVITY FILE 8 Human resources, Reading, Exercise A, page 76 Article B by Alison Maitland Nissan Motor's sales execlitives in Japan used to take cars 10 customers' homes for viewing, often late in the evening. Now the showrooms and salespeople operate morc regular working hours. The change of approach might sound like a decline in personal service. In fact, it is signed to be 10 the opposite. Cars are no longer just 'boys' toys', even in conservative Japan. Nissan's research shows that women make a third of car purchases, and women and men jointly make 15 another third. FcmaJe customers overwhelmingly would like there to be more women in the sales teams, but the latc hours made the job unappealing to women in a country where there is still often a stark choice between work and family. These findings prompted Carlos Ghosn, Chief Executive of Nissan and Renault, to adopt a strategy to hire and promote more \Vomen into the leadership ranks. Since 2004, Niss

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