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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB


STARTING UP Ii! Discuss these questions with a partner. 1 How often do you travel by air, rail, road and sea? 2 Do you enjoy travelling? What don't you enjoy about it? 3 Put the following in order of importance to you when you travel. I comfort safety price reliability speed Does the order of priorities change for different types of travel? m Choose the correct words from the box to complete the following list of things which irritate people when flying. cabin luggage cancellations queues checks room food seats jet trolleys 1 not enough leg ........ . 2 lost or delayed ....... . 3 long ............ at check·in 6 overbooking of .......... . 7 flight delays and ........... . 8 tiredness and ............ Iag 4 poor quality. 5 no baggage . and drink .. available 9 delays for security .......... . 10 oversized hand luggage in the . 1:1 )>> CD1.7 listen to three people talking about their travel experiences. Tick the problems in Exercise B that they mention. m Which of the things in Exercise B irritate you most? Which irritate you least? Discuss your ideas with a different partner. 14 scanned for Paul Jennings

VOCABULARY British and American English m Match the words and phrases which have the same meaning_ For each pair, decide which is British English and which is American English_ 1 subway a) line 2 city centre lift 3 carry-on baggage c) public toilet 4 one way d) schedule 5 return e) economy class 6 freeway f) single 7 rest room g) first floor 8 elevator h) bill 9 coach class i) booking 10 timetable D round trip 11 car park k) downtown 12 queue I) motorway 13 check m) underground 14 reservation n) hand luggage 15 ground floor 0) parking lot b) Il Work in pairs_ Use the American English words or phrases from Exercise A to complete this text. My last overseas business trip was a nightmare from start to finish. First of all, there was a delay on the way to the airport, as there was an accident on the .f. y . I. When I See the OVO-ROM A for the i-Glossary. W got there, I found the lower level of the airport ............ ' was flooded. Next, my .. ....... .. . 1 was too big and heavy, so I had to check it in. When we arrived, the ......... ' was closed, and there were no cabs at all. After a long time trying to figure out the . ... ' and waiting in ............ 6 for 40 minutes, we finally got a bus .. . and found the hotel. Then there was a problem with our room . . . ... . . . . . . 8 and, would you believe it, the . .......... ' wasn't working, and our rooms were on the fifth floor. II I» CD1.8 Listen to the recording and check your answers to Exercise B_ 15 scanned for Paul Jennings

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