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Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition SB


UNIT C •• REVISION 3 look at the Case study on pages 80-81. You have decided to appoint Martha Gomez to the job. Complete the letter with the correct words. Dear Ms Gomez It was a ........... .' meeting you here at our Fast Fitness headquarters last Tuesday. As you certainly realised, the panel was extremely interested in your innovative fitness programs and how you would introduce those in our clubs. Since then, we have .. ...... ' your ....... ....', and all three were very positive. Therefore, we are ............·[0 offer you the ............' of General Manager for our chain of health and fitness clubs. We can offer a starling salary of $75,000 a year, plus an excellent ............ ' package, including free accommodation and insurance. We expect you to commence work on September 1. However, we would like you to ............ ' a two·day induction meeting at our headquarters on 3-4 August, which will help you to get to know the company and some of your future ............ . Please could you ........... .' that you wish to take up this post and also let us know whether you are able to come to New York for the induction course? We look forward to ...... .... ." from you. Sincerely 1 a) 2 a) 3 a) 4 a) 5 a) welcome b) pleasure c) good d) enjoy found b) checked c) controlled d) written employers b) managers c) sponsors d) references please b) informing c) delighted d) deciding position b) work c) skill d) employment 6 a) 7 a) 8 a) 9 a) benefits b) assets c) bonus d) profits attend b) assist c) participate d) take part colleges b) workmen c) colleagues d) workers inform b) confirm c) prefer d) refer 10 a) hear b) heard c) have heard d) hearing WRITING Write a letter to one of the applicants who failed to get the job. Include the following points: • thank the applicant for coming to the interview • explain why you are not able to offer him/her the job, despite his/her skills and experience • say you will keep his/her name on file and let him/her know about any future job openings. 94 scanned for Paul Jennings

UNIT C •• REVISION 9 International markets VOCABULARY Match the verbs (1-6) to the nouns (a-f). 1 to comply with a) a market 2 to carry out b) a price 3 to break into c) an order 4 to place d) a market survey, an enquiry, an investigation, tests 5 to quote e) the delivery date, a deadline 6 to meet f) the regulations, a rule, an order CONDITIONS 1 Match the sentence halves. 1 If they didn't offer such good terms, a) we'll have to cancel it. 2 If you ordered a larger quantity, b) the consignment will reach us in time. 3 If we offer them a 10% discount, c) we can start production as scheduled. 4 If you don't confirm your order soon, d) we wouldn't do business with them. 5 As long as we get the parts in May, e) we could negotiate a better price. 6 Provided that it is sent by air, f) they say they'll place an order today. 2 Complete the sentences with '/I, 'd, won't or wouldn't. 1 We ............ have to look for another supplier if you can't deliver this month. 2 you ....... .... get such a good commission if you didn't win so many deals. 3 We ...... ..... cut the price by 10% if you gave us a firm order in advance. 4 If we don't retrain our staff, they ............ be able to use the new software. 5 Unless we hear from you within five days, we ....... assume that the deal is off. 6 If you met your sales targets, we ... ........ consider offering you a three·year contract. SKILLS Match the expressions (1-5) to the functions (a-e). 1 If you order more, we'll give you a discount. a) Refusing an offer 2 What exactly do you mean? b) Playing for time 3 I'd like to think about it. c) Making offers and concessions 4 I'm not sure about that. d) Closing the deal 5 Right, I think we've covered everything. e) Checking understanding Cultures: Doing business internationally Decide whether these sentences are typically about doing business in Brazil (B), Japan OJ or Saudi Arabia (SA). One applies to more than one country. 1 People tend to stand close together when talking and are not afraid to touch each other. 2 Don't be afraid of silence. 3 On receiving a business card, examine it carefully, then place it on the table in front of you. 4 Initial meetings are generally not private. 5 If you are offered coffee, accept, even if you do not normally drink coffee. 6 During a presentation, you can expect to be interrupted and asked a lot of questions. 7 Don't give white flowers as a gift, because they remind people of death. 8 Avoid direct questions, especially questions which may require a 'no' answer. 9 A meeting may be postponed by one or two days once you arrive. 10 Don't bring up topics of conversation such as crime, the government or deforestation. scanned for Paul Jennings 95

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