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KLS-Annual Report-17-18-ONLINE

Kingston Liberal Synagogue - Annual Report 2017 A review of our 50th anniversary year

Learning Learning A

Learning Learning A community that provides warmth, meaning and education for all ages. Beiteinu Every Shabbat morning in term time, our Cheder meets in the synagogue to learn about Judaism. We have a class for the youngest, called Shabbatots, a Cheder class between 7 and 11 to learn the fundamentals of Judaism, a B’nei Mitzvah class that leads to this important milestone in the life of a young Jew and his or her family, a post-BM class to strengthen this knowledge, and a Kabbalat Torah class that prepares for adult Jewish life and answers to the life-long question: how do I lead my life Jewishly in modern Britain? We are fortunate to have an amazing team of teachers who give so much to our children: Emma Rich for Shabbatots, Sandra Webber and Yaara Kaplan for Tzahov and Kachol, Robert Markless, Marta Friedmann and Dominique Scholtes for B’nei Mitzvah, Jonathan Miller for post-BM, and Tom Smith for Kabbalat Torah. We thank them for their hard work and the skills they offer our children. We are also very grateful to Judy Royle, who after many years of running the Beiteinu kitchen, will be stepping down at the end of the 2017/18 academic year. B’nei Mitzvah B’nei mitzvah teaching is incorporated into the overall Beiteinu programme, preparing them not only to read from the Torah but also to lead a large part of the rest of the service, and to give their D’var Torah – their own interpretation of the Torah reading and what b’nei mitzvah means personally to them. Six b’nei mitzvah took place during 2017: Marcus Farrer, Natan Morad, Natasha Ray, Ethan Berman, Ella Simon, Ezra Miller. These students were amazing and give us cause to be very hopeful for the future of our community. Something transformational happens when a young person stands on the bimah and presents the result of his/her hard work. The B’nei Mitzvah programme at KLS, thanks to a wonderful team of teachers led by Robert Markless, is one of our great successes. 6 – KLS Annual Report 2017

7 – KLS Annual Report 2017 Learning

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