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IT00011 - IT Assets Disposal Policy v1.1 - Des 2017

1 Introduction 1.1 High

1 Introduction 1.1 High Level Objective This policy is intended to govern IT assets in the TWK Group as well as give guidance relating to procedures and accountability with regards to IT assets. This policy should be regarded as providing clarity and consistency for what is considered acceptable or desirable practice. 1.2 Audience This document has been created for those who are responsible for overseeing the function of maintaining the IT assets register as well as to who is responsible for the TWK Group’s sensitive information. 1.3 Scope This policy and subsequent controls apply to the following: • Computer equipment such as desktops, servers and laptops This policy excludes the following: • Trademarks • Buildings • Any rented equipment 1.4 Compliance Deviation from the minimum requirements of this Functional Standard must be approved through IT Management. Any breach may result in disciplinary action being taken against our employees and legal or criminal action being taken against related external parties. IT 0011 Version: 2017/v1.1 Page 4 of 13 CONFIDENTIAL THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF TWK HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD. ILLEGAL USE AND COPYING OF THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

2 Minimum CONTROLS for disposal or transfer of assets 2.1 IT Equipment 1. IT equipment with electronic storage capability will be subject to the purging of information procedure as set out in section 3 of this document. 2. IT equipment may be donated, scrapped or sold off. The Executive Manager: Corporate Services needs to authorise this chosen action. 3. A disposition certificate needs to be completed and approved by IT Management. 4. The cost centre will absorb the costs of the scrapping. 5. Specific procedures apply to donations, scrapping and sales: 6. Donations • All donations need to be authorised by the relevant Exco member. All donations of equipment must accompany the non-profit organization (NPO) number where applicable and must be approved by Exco. • Where items are donated, a donation certificate must also be obtained where applicable. • The cost centre will absorb the costs of the donation(s). 7. Scrapping • Authorisation for scrapping of assets is required, as per the TWK Group’s Asset policy. • The cost centre will absorb the costs of the scrapping IT 0011 Version: 2017/v1.1 Page 5 of 13 CONFIDENTIAL THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF TWK HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD. ILLEGAL USE AND COPYING OF THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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