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NEW GENERATION LEDVANCE Floodlight Your top 5 bestseller reasons Broad product range: 6 power packages, 3 color temperatures, black and white housings High efficiency up to 110 lm/W Opal, tempered glass cover. Enabling a uniform and low glare illumination Robust and compact design, weight and size optimized for perfect application fit Replacement for floodlight luminaires with halogen lamps (up to 1500W) Common Applications • Building Facades • Public Areas • Construction Areas • Car Parks, Underpasses

NEW JULY 2018 105 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 Floodlight Family Overview Housing: Diffuser: 10W, 20W, 50W: PC 90W, 135W, 180W: Aluminium Tempered glass SAVE 1 90% ENERGY Highlight Specifications: • Efficacy: up to 110 lm/W • Light colours: 3000K/4000K/6500K • Black and white housings • Beam angle: 100x100° • Lifespan (L70/B50): 50,000 hours • Guarantee: 5 years for 90W/135W/180W 3 years for 10W/20W/50W • Improved size and weight compared to Gen 1. • 1m cable with open wires 1 Compared to luminaires with standard technologies. The possible power loss of traditional control gear solutions is part of the calculation of the anticipated energy savings Product Name lm GTIN (EAN) FLOOD LED 10W/3000K BK 100DEG IP65 1050 4058075097360 FLOOD LED 10W/3000K WT 100DEG IP65 1050 4058075097384 FLOOD LED 10W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 1100 4058075097407 FLOOD LED 10W/4000K WT 100DEG IP65 1100 4058075097421 FLOOD LED 20W/3000K BK 100DEG IP65 2100 4058075097445 FLOOD LED 20W/3000K WT 100DEG IP65 2100 4058075097469 FLOOD LED 20W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 2200 4058075097483 FLOOD LED 20W/4000K WT 100DEG IP65 2200 4058075097506 FLOOD LED 20W/6500K BK 100DEG IP65 2200 4058075097520 FLOOD LED 20W/6500K WT 100DEG IP65 2200 4058075097544 FLOOD LED 50W/3000K BK 100DEG IP65 5250 4058075097568 FLOOD LED 50W/3000K WT 100DEG IP65 5250 4058075097582 FLOOD LED 50W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 5500 4058075097605 FLOOD LED 50W/4000K WT 100DEG IP65 5500 4058075097629 FLOOD LED 50W/6500K BK 100DEG IP65 5500 4058075097643 FLOOD LED 50W/6500K WT 100DEG IP65 5500 4058075097667 FLOOD LED 90W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 10000 4058075097681 FLOOD LED 90W/6500K BK 100DEG IP65 10000 4058075097698 FLOOD LED 135W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 15000 4058075097704 FLOOD LED 135W/6500K BK 100DEG IP65 15000 4058075097711 FLOOD LED 180W/4000K BK 100DEG IP65 20000 4058075097728 FLOOD LED 180W/6500K BK 100DEG IP65 20000 4058075097735 IP65 IK07/IK08 new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new