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BRAND SWITCH TO LDV NEW GTINs from July 2018 12 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 Downlight Slim Family Overview Housing: LGP: PC PMMA Highlight Specifications: • Efficacy: Up to 90 lm/W • Luminous flux: Up to 1530lm • Light Colours: 3000K/4000K/6500K • Cut-outs: 105, 155, 210mm • Beam angle: ca.120° • Lifespan: Up to 30,000 hrs (L70 @ 25C) • Guarantee: 3 years IP20 SAVE 1 55% ENERGY 1 Compared to luminaires with standard technologies. The possible power loss of traditional control gear solutions is part of the calculation of the anticipated energy savings Product Name lm New GTIN GTIN (EAN) (EAN) Downlight DL Slim DN105 LED 14W/3000K 6W/3000K WT 230V IP20 IP20 13100 420 4058075000001 4058075078970 Downlight DL Slim DN105 LED 14W/4000K 6W/4000K WT 230V IP20 IP20 13100 430 4058075000025 4058075078994 Downlight DL Slim DN105 LED 14W/3000K 6W/6500K WT 230V IP20 IP21 13100 430 4058075079014 4058075000049 DL Slim DN155 12W/3000K WT IP20 Downlight LED 14W/4000K 230V IP21 1020 13100 4058075079038 4058075000073 DL Slim DN155 12W/4000K WT IP20 Downlight LED 14W/3000K 230V IP22 1020 13100 4058075079052 4058075000097 DL Slim DN155 12W/6500K WT IP20 1020 4058075079076 Downlight LED 14W/4000K 230V IP22 13100 4058075000121 DL Slim DN210 18W/3000K WT IP20 1530 4058075079090 DL Slim DN210 18W/4000K WT IP20 1530 4058075079113 DL Slim DN210 18W/6500K WT IP20 1530 4058075079137 DL Slim SQ105 6W/3000K WT IP20 420 4058075079212 DL Slim SQ105 6W/4000K WT IP20 430 4058075079236 DL Slim SQ105 6W/6500K WT IP20 430 4058075079250 DL Slim SQ155 12W/3000K WT IP20 1020 4058075079274 DL Slim SQ155 12W/4000K WT IP20 1020 4058075079298 DL Slim SQ155 12W/6500K WT IP20 1020 4058075079311 DL Slim SQ210 18W/3000K WT IP20 1530 4058075079335 DL Slim SQ210 18W/4000K WT IP20 1530 4058075079359 DL Slim SQ210 18W/6500K WT IP20 1530 4058075079373 DL Slim Frame DN105 WT Round 4058075079151 DL Slim Frame DN155 WT Round 4058075079175 DL Slim Frame DN210 WT Round 4058075079199 DL Slim Frame SQ105 WT Square 4058075079397 DL Slim Frame SQ155 WT Square 4058075079410 DL Slim Frame SQ210 WT Square 4058075079434

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