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44 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 Panel 1200 DALI Family Overview 1 Compared to luminaires with standard technologies. The possible power loss of traditional control gear solutions is part of the calculation of the anticipated energy savings Product Name lm GTIN (EAN) Panel DALI 1200 40W/3000K 230V 4000 4058075042018 Panel DALI 1200 40W/4000K 230V 4000 4058075041998 PanelDALI1200 33W/3000K 230V UGR

LEDVANCE Panel Value Your top 5 bestseller reasons Value version for low-budget applications with good quality and an efficacy of up to 90 lm/W Direct replacement for traditional louvre luminaires for 600x600 grids (T8 4x18, T5 4x14) Energy savings up to 50% 1 Very homogenous light, UGR