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46 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 Panel Value 600 Family Overview Product Name lm GTIN (EAN) PanelLED Value 600 40W/ 3000K 3300 4058075066588 PanelLED Value 600 40W/ 4000K 3600 4058075066601 PanelLED Value 600 40W/ 6500K 3600 4058075066625 PanelLED Value 600 40W/3000k UGR

LEDVANCE Panel Accessories Your bestseller reasons All accessories are suitable for Panel and Panel Value products in the respective sizes Accessories provide versatile options for common mounting possibilities: Surface-mounted Suspended Clip-in for suspended ceiling cut-outs Security bracket for Panel 1200 available to safe installation with a security wire, when needed