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NEW JULY 2018 86 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 TruSys ® Energy Rail Accessories Family Overview 1 Compared to luminaires with standard technologies. The possible power loss of traditional control gear solutions is part of the calculation of the anticipated energy savings Product Name lm* GTIN (EAN) TruSys® Mounting Brackets - 4058075100435 TruSys® Suspension Kit 3000 - 4058075100350 TruSys® Chain Kit - 4058075100374 TruSys® Blind Cover 1500 - 4058075100398 TruSys® Endcap ER - 4058075100411 TruSys® Electrical Connector 5X2,5 - NEW TruSys® Electrical Connector 7X2,5 - NEW Mounting solutions Endcap & Blind Cover Electrical Connectors

87 LEDVANCE luminaires | Portfolio Summer 2018 DAMP-PROOF LUMINAIRES | Category Overview Damp Proof Special Damp Proof Compact Damp Proof For special applications Modern damp-proof luminaire Classic damp-proof luminaire Damp Proof Slim Value Damp Proof Housing Slim in width and price For lamp lovers