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JACKING & LIFTING Floor Transmission Jacks OR Model No. TJ1500F • Precision valve allows delicate adjustment when taking out gearbox and realigning during replacement. • Supplied with pulling hook and four castors for extra manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Vertical Transmission Jacks • Heavy-duty construction and foot-pedal hydraulic control. • Extremely stable in operation due to 4-wheel configuration. • Spring loaded dead man's safety release control reduces the risk of inadvertent lowering. • Two way hydraulic unit ensures that the saddle lowers at a controlled speed at all times, even without load. • Extra large castors allow for increased manoeuvrability. • Hydraulic unit larger than the economy models for improved performance and durability. • Supplied with 4-arm transmission saddle. OR Model No. 300TR Model No. Capacity List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT TJ1000F 1tonne £599.95 £439.95 £527.94 TJ1500F 1.5tonne £699.95 £529.95 £635.94 Engine Stand 550kg Capacity Model No. Capacity Min./Max. Saddle Height List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT 300TR 300kg 1120mm/ 1940mm £306.95 £214.95 £257.94 600TR 600kg 1175mm/ 1985mm £353.95 £229.95 £275.94 1000TR 1000kg 1120mm/1950mm £467.95 £349.95 £419.94 1500TR 1500kg 1120mm/1950mm £566.95 £424.95 £509.94 Engine Support Beam 300kg Capacity • Min./Max. Width: 585/1580mm. • Supports and accurately positions engine. • Ideal for replacing anti-vibration mountings. • Aids the removal of gearboxes and transmissions. • Model No. ES300 • List Price £93.95 Cranes £69.95 £83.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Accepts wide variety of engines and transmissions. • Head swivels through 360°. • Swivel castors. • Fully adjustable mounting arms. • Model No. ES550 • List Price £126.95 Load Slings 1tonne Capacity • Weight for weight, these straps are 3-5 times stronger than chains. • Manufactured from 100% high strength polyester. • Capacity: 1000kg. Model No. Length List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT LS1001 1mtr £7.05 £5.25 £6.30 LS1002 2mtr £11.95 £9.25 £11.10 LS1003 3mtr £16.95 £10.95 £13.14 £89.95 £107.94 Model No. LS1001 EXC. VAT INC. VAT OR Load Sling Adjuster 680kg Capacity Model No. PH30 • Three adjustment holes accommodate different sized engines. • If used with cranes of capacity 680kg or more, the load must be restricted to 680kg maximum. • Supplied with 4 x 275mm chains and 4 x ‘L’ shaped brackets with additional karabiner styled screw links. • Model No. LS501 • List Price £65.95 £39.95 £47.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Heavy-duty castors. • Side pump access with removable handle. • Model No. PH30 has extendable legs for improved stability. • Model No's PH20 and PH30 delivered in knock-down form with some self-assembly required. Model No. Capacity Folding List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT PH10 1tonne £399.95 £249.95 £299.94 PH20 2tonne £354.95 £229.95 £275.94 PH30 3tonne £684.95 £399.95 £479.94 16 sealey tools @sealeytools sealey tools sealeytools

2tonne Jacking Beam with 1.6mtr Extending Arms & Flat Roller Supports 1.5tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift with Foot Pedal • Maximum lift height of 995mm with five locking positions at 80mm intervals. • Fitted with air/hydraulic motor and foot pump. • Heavy-duty steel construction. • Includes adaptors to lift wheel or car body. • Can be used for lifting cars, off-road vehicles and vans. • The unit offers significant assistance with bringing vehicles into an ergonomic working position. • Ideal for a wide variety of applications including welding, grinding and painting. • Model No. AVR1500FP • List Price £989.95 £729.95 £875.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Fully certified and approved to comply with VOSA requirements. • 1.6mtr Load arm reach. • Beam Lift: 95-300mm. • Two-stage mechanical safety lock and telescopic finger guards. • Spring loaded flat arms with roller bearings. • Optional hook arms supplied. • Supplied with two pairs of aluminium support blocks. • Wide lift configuration meets VOSA recommendation for lifting on jacking point. • Model No. SJBEX200 • List Price £967.95 £749.95 £899.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT 2.5tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift • Low profile lift with a minimum height of 125mm. • Fully manoeuvrable with retracting wheels for easy positioning under vehicles. • Air/hydraulic pulse pump operating system. • Four multi-positioning, height adjustable saddles with rubber pads. • Maximum lift of 1060mm with six height locking positions. • Model No. AVR2500A • List Price £1767.95 £1329.95 £1595.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT FREE Composite Creeper with 4 Wheels Model No. SCR80S List Price £39.95 17