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Transact XML marked as SAVE COLUMN. Contact detail will remain for 60 days, but will be available in aggregate reports beyond that time frame. You can save data to the database and not use it in the template. Alternatively, the fields must exist in the database, but not the template. About Seed Lists You can also attach a Seed List to your database so you'll be able to send a copy of all of the mailings to members in your Seed List (see the Online Help topic Seed Lists for additional information). You can enable the seed list from the Settings button on the Database Summary page. Step 2: How do I create an Automated (Transactional) Message? Transactional Messages are a series of mailings activated by an event trigger. Event triggers identify when to send mailings to contacts. This section will show you how to create and activate a group of transactional messages. Creating and Activating a Group of Automated Messages You must first create a Group of Automated (Transactional) Messages to define the triggers that will send the messages, as well as define the tracking level, and assign a mailing. You must create a group before assigning a mailing to it. 1. Access the Automation menu on the main navigation bar. Select Transactional Messages > Create Group. 2. In the Details section of the Create a Group of Automated Messages page, enter a definitive name in the Name field, and any notes you want to keep about the group in the Notes section. 3. Click the Select button in the Contact Source field to choose a database, contact list, or a query with which to associate this group. Be sure to choose a Shared contact source and then click the Select button to save your changes. . 16 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML 4. Back on the Create a Group of Automated Messages page, complete the Event Trigger section as follows: a. Select Transact for the Event Trigger. b. Select XML from the drop-down menu. Note: if the Transact trigger appears disabled, you will need to select an NEK database to enable it. 5. Verify the Tracking Level for the group is Unique, unless you do not want to track hyperlinks. 6. Note: Ignore the Completion Date field, as Transact does not use it. 7. Click the Save & Activate button. The View Groups of Automated Messages page displays and your newly created group appears on the Active tab. 17 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.