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Transact XML To automate

Transact XML To automate the mailing template: 1. On the Mailing Body tab, click the Send button. The Send Mailing dialog box displays. 2. Click the Automate Send Mailing button. 3. On the Automate a Mailing Send page, complete the following fields: a. Please Select a Mailing Template: this field will automatically display the name of the mailing template you worked on in Step 1. If not, click the Select Template button to select a template. b. Mailing Name: this field auto-populates; you can, however, change it if you prefer a different name. c. Contact Source: this field auto-populates with the database you attached in the previous section. d. Location: the folder where you will save the mailing. e. Subject Line: this field auto-populates from the mailing template, however you can change it. f. From Name: this field auto-populates; however, you can change it. g. From Address: this field auto-populates from the mailing template, but you can change it. h. Reply-to Address: this field auto-populates from the mailing template, but you can change it. i. Custom Opt-out Link: typically Standard Opt Out (usually not needed for Transact). j. Include Mailing Bodies: select HTML for HTML mailings or Text for text-only mailings. 4. Select Assign Mailing to Existing Group of Automated Messages (gray area in Figure 27), and then select the appropriate group from the drop-down list. 5. In the Upon assignment, save mailing as drop-down list, select Active. 6. Click the Submit button. The Automate Mailing Confirmation page displays. Note that you may see a list of errors or warnings at the bottom of the page. You can ignore the warnings, but you must fix all errors. 24 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML 7. Click the Automate button. The Group of Automated Messages Summary page displays and your mailing should appear on the Active tab indicating that the mailing is now automated. Step 4: How do I test to make sure my mailing works with Transact? Note: Once you create your Automated Message and mailing template, it may take up to 20 minutes for Engage to update data before you can use Transact. Users: How to test a mailing There are two ways for a user to test a mailing to ensure it is working correctly (from within Engage or using Transact). When you test your mailing through Transact, you will send a test Transact Submit Document, which tests all parts of the system. Test Using Engage 1. To send a test mailing from the Engage interface: 2. Go to the Mailings page (Content > Mailings > Send > Send Test Mailings). 3. Click the Select Template button and then choose the template you want to send a test mailing to. The rest of the page should automatically populate with information from that template. 4. Scroll down to the gray section of the page (Send to Contact Source/Send to Individual), select the Send to Individual option, and then type your email address. Note: You cannot send to the database – the Transact database you created is empty. You must send to an email address first (although you can enter multiple addresses). 5. Select the body types that you want to test. 6. Click Preview to see a preview of the message without sending. You can click Send Test to actually send test emails to the addresses you entered. The Mailings section will appear on the Sent tab. Note: If there are errors or warnings, a list will appear. You can send the message with warnings, but not with errors. Click Send Test to send with warnings. 25 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.