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Transact XML Managing

Transact XML Managing Transact XML Additional Mailing functions This section includes the following additional mailing functions: • Activate a Mailing • Change a Mailing Template • Cancel a Mailing Activate an Automated Message If you previously saved an Automated Message as a draft and you now want to activate it, you will need to activate the Group of Automated Messages, which changes it from Pending status to Active status. Then you can add the Group to a mailing. Go to How do I create and automate a Mailing? for more information. To activate an Automated Message: 1. Click Automation > Automated Messages > View Groups on the navigation bar. 2. Click the Drafts tab. A list of Automated Messages appears. 3. Click the preferred Group Name link. A list of Assigned Automated Message Groups appears. 4. Click the Save & Activate button. Change a Mailing Template You can assign a different mailing template to an Automated Message without creating a new Group of Automated Messages or database. The benefit is that you can change the message entirely from the content in your existing template, or the content that is provided for substitution through your XML Submit document. Tip: To eliminate Group downtime, create a new mailing, mark it "Pending," and then access Automation > Automated Messages > View Groups and mark the new mailing as "Active." Changing the Engage Template You cannot change a template once you automate it. However, you can copy the template, add new content, and then automate the new template to the existing group. 28 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML Notes: • Do not cancel the existing group or delete the database. • Allow 20 minutes for Transact to recognize the new Engage settings. To change to a different mailing template: 1. Click Content and then select Mailings. A list of mailings appears. a. To use an existing mailing, click the name of the mailing and go to step2. b. To create a new mailing, click the Create button and complete the mailing template. 2. Click the Send button and then click Automate Send. The Automate form appears. For more information, go to How do I create and automate a Mailing?. 3. Complete the automate form, and then assign the status as 'Pending'. Using Suppression lists in Transact XML Transact XML supports FCC, domain, prefix, and global- and organization-level suppression. Note: The Suppression list is built based on opt-outs and undeliverables. If a contact’s email address is undeliverable (or if they chose to opt out), Transact adds their email address to a dedicated list of undeliverable and suppressed email addresses (also referred to as an "Org Master Suppression List"). You can export this database manually or by using the Engage Export List API. Using MyCopy to receive a copy of all Transact mailings MyCopy for Transact XML and Transact SMTP allows one or more individuals (or an assigned mailbox) to receive a single copy of ALL mailings sent from Transact. This functionality is similar to Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) used in email applications. BCC refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple contacts in a way that conceals individual email addresses from the complete list of contacts (source: Best Practice: Set up a mailbox that will only collect copies of your transactional emails. If you sent to one or more individual mailboxes, they may become overloaded, rendering it ineffective. You can also rotate to a new group mailbox once a month to expedite the search for detailed information. 29 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.