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Transact XML Setup In traditional email marketing you use seed lists to receive sample emails to ensure the formatting is correct and that the messages send at the specified time. You can use seed lists to set up MyCopy for Transact. Refer to the Transact SMTP document for detailed steps to setup a seed list. Notes: • This seed list will receive a single copy of ALL mailings sent from Transact. • Transact uses the same seed list structure, but modifies the usage. Seed lists set up and configured for traditional mailings will continue to work as intended. To create a Seed List: 1. Browse to Data > View Data. Click the Seed Lists tab. 2. Click to access the Shared folder tab and access a shared folder (or create one). 3. Click the Create button to begin setting up your Seed List. 4. Select the Seed List option, and give your list a definitive name. 5. Choose to save your Seed List in a Shared folder (click the Select button next to the Private field and choose a shared folder). 6. Click the Next button. 7. Type 'SPOP' in the Field Name box (leave the Field Type as Text) and click the Add Field button . 8. Add 'SPOP' as the unique identifier (as you do with creating a transact XML database): 9. Click the Edit Unique Identifiers button. 10. Remove the selection next to Email and place a selection in the SPOP check box. 11. Click the Save button. 12. Click the Create button to save your changes and view the Seed List Summary page. Once you set up your seed list, you can add contacts or mailbox addresses. Then you're ready to associate the seed list to your Transact database. 30 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML To associate the seed list to your main Transact database: 1. Browse to Data > View Data. 2. Click the name of your database to access the Database Summary page. 3. Click the Fields tab and click the Settings button. The Edit Contact Source Settings page displays. 4. Place a check mark in the Enable Seed List check box. 5. Choose Beginning of Send or End of Send from the Seed List Position drop-down list. 6. Click the Select button next to the Seed List field and choose the seed list you created. 7. Click the Select button to save your changes and return to the Contact Source Settings page. 8. Click the Save button to save all changes and return to the Database Summary page. Note: If you have different Automated Messages that require different people to receive copies of the transactional mailings, you must create separate main databases and separate seed lists. You can only associate one seed list to one main database. What reports are available for Transact XML? Excellent Engage features such as Mailing, Clickthrough and Hyperlink Tracking, and Automated Messages reporting are available for Transact mailings. This section on Reporting covers the following topics: • Viewing Reports • Mailing results • Drilling down into specific results • Clickthrough results For full information on Reporting, see the Reports topic page in Online Help. Viewing Reports This topic presents quick steps for viewing the mailing and clickthrough results on hyperlinks. View Results for a Mailing 31 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.