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Transact XML Fully

Transact XML Fully Formed HTML: • Mailing template is empty, except for and tags • All other HTML is passed via XML. SPAM check is not available • HTML passed with this method must be wrapped in CDATA tag • Increased send time due to larger XML file • Completely customized content is stored primarily in your application About FTP Submissions Use FTP to upload XML files from an organization to Silverpop’s FTP server. FTP submissions are limited to 5000 contacts per file. The actual batch can be larger, but must be broken down into groups of 5000 contacts. As a result, you can submit multiple files. FTP Submission Process (Developers only) Silverpop Support creates an FTP directory for each organization that wants to send XML files using FTP. Contact Silverpop Support to configure this function. Submit-to:, Port 21. For example, 40 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML The FTP Submission Process for an organization is as follows: 1. Create an XML file containing a separate section for each individual contact (up to 5,000). 2. FTP the XML file to the /transact/ temp folder on your Silverpop FTP account. 3. Copy that file by renaming it to the /transact/ inbound/filename folder on your Silverpop FTP account. 4. Download the response file from the /transact/status folder on your Silverpop FTP account. FTP Batch Processing The FTP (batch) process is used for submitting groups of contacts from 11 – 5,000 per file. Customers should initially upload their batch XML file (XML or GZ format) to the Transact/Temp FTP directory. Once the file has been loaded, rename it to the Transact/Inbound FTP directory to ensure it is recognized and processed. Notes: • Submitting Blank XML Tags: The Tags in XML correspond to fields in the Engage database and template. If the XML has multiple tags but not all are used by the Engage mailing template, it is not a problem. If the Tags are present but empty, Transact ignores them. • Character Restrictions in XML Tags: Note that while the Engage database accepts many character types in the XML, you must use a CDATA section for non-alphanumeric characters. Punctuation and code-reserved characters (for example, ! * ' ( ) ; : @ & = + $ , / ? % # [ ] ) are not permitted in the XML Submit document (unless in a CDATA section), except for the underscore ("_" ) character. Organization FTP Subdirectories Subdirectory Inbound Recovery Status Temp Description Directory where you will place new batch files. Example: /transact/inbound/filename. Directory where you will place recovery files for the purpose of restarting failed (or partially sent) batch files. Responses from processed batch files. Example: /transact/status. Temporary directory for uploading (when another upload is in process). You should rename the file to Inbound directory. For example: /transact/temp 41 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.