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Transact XML Example 2

Transact XML Example 2 – Mailing Template Example 3 - XML HotelBrand_Link Click here ]]> Example 4 – URL with Query String The first part of the string is a constant and must be included for tracking: Notes:

Transact XML Example: Thank you for booking with]]> Notes: • This example does not show tracking information. • All information placed in the XML must appear within the Personalization element for each contact (if used). For example, if there are 10 contacts, you can enter the information 10 times. • It is not necessary to use the SAVE_COLUMNS element for this hyperlink and text unless you want to save the values to the Engage database for future reference. The remainder of the Query string includes the actual hyperlink and personalization: &k=Lodging_Link&kx=1&kt=12&kd= Parameter: Name and Value &k=Lodging_Link Description Name of the link. This name is the Engage tracking tag and identifies the link in clickthrough reports. Specify the type of hyperlink. &kt=12 1 Regular 12 Personalized 5 Clickstream &kd= The destination hyperlink [do not include quotation marks (“) around the hyperlink]. Link cross-reference. Specify whether to use the KD you entered above (or to default to the database). &kx=1 0 Ignore KD link above and default to database (not preferred). 1 Ignore database and use destination specified in KD above (typical). 55 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.