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Transact XML What are

Transact XML What are examples of transactional messages? Examples for transactional messages are: • Order Confirmations • Ship Confirmations • Password Reset Information • Alert Messages • Customer Service Messages What are the Transact XML features? The general Transact XML features are: • Send engines are designed to handle high-volume, one-off sends • Messages are sent immediately • Bounce Handling: • If messages cannot be delivered to a contact immediately, Transact will retry every 15 minutes for 24 hours • Messages that cannot get delivered within 24 hours are returned to Engage as 'undeliverable', on a per contact basis • Duplicate Sending allows one or more individuals (or an assigned mailbox) to receive a single copy of ALL mailings sent from transact • Secure IP-level validation means that no request can be sent to the template from an IP address that hasn't been specified in Transact • Batch Processing is available and supports XML and GZ file types • Sophisticated queuing system that captures all incoming requests, even if we are unable to send immediately due to system maintenance • Ability to add information to a database even if it is not used in the mailing. This is particularly good for Analytics reports What is the Transact process? The Transact process is as follows: 4 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML 1. Action causes email messages to originate on Client's systems. 2. Client's systems communicate with Silverpop through transfer of XML or SMTP data. 3. Silverpop receives the data and responds with appropriate status codes. 4. Messages are mapped to the appropriate templates. 5. Emails are populated and sent out in real-time. 6. Data is written into the database for reporting purposes. 7. Contact actions are tracked and are viewable in reporting. 5 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.