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Transact XML How does

Transact XML How does data get submitted? Silverpop uses an XML API (Extended Markup Language Application Programming Interface) to submit transaction activity and email responses. The API is intended for integration with backend systems. The user can submit mailing requests to Transact through XML (Extensible Markup Language) using two submission methods: HTTP(S) and (S)FTP. HTTP Submission: Data is passed to the Transact server via the HTTP(S). This is limited to 10 contacts. FTP Submission: Data is passed to the transact server via XML over (S) FTP. This can include 10 to 5000 contacts. Are you a developer? You can find detailed technical information about this process in the Transact XML for Developers section on this topic page. What are the roles and responsibilities associated with Transact XML? The following roles and responsibilities of your organization and Silverpop are required to successfully send your customer mailings: Silverpop Support Silverpop Support (also referred to System Administrator) is your go-to team for the Engage and Transact applications. Silverpop Support is responsible for enabling your organization’s account in Transact, setting up your submission settings, and answering your questions. Organization Administrator Your company assigns an Organization Administrator to manage all Engage content. The Organization Administrator is responsible for Engage settings and ensuring your organization’s system (backend) integration is complete. Organization Administrators can help identify content, tags, and dynamic link URLs needed for each mailing. Organization Users Each organization can have multiple users. A user is responsible for creating shared databases, Automated Messages, and mailing templates, as well as automating mailings, assigning mailings to an Automated Message, and testing the mailings in Engage and Transact. Users can help identify content, tags, and dynamic link URLs needed for each mailing. 6 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.

Transact XML Organization Developer The organization developer ensures that your organization’s backend systems are configured to work with the Silverpop Engage and Transact applications. The developer will also make sure the system successfully sends and receives data. They will also have a working knowledge of the Engage Mailing Template fields and Transact XML required fields so coding is successful. Organization and Silverpop Administrative Setup Essentials Before you can begin sending mailings, an Organization Administrator and a Silverpop System Administrator will need complete several essential tasks, outlined in the System Administrator Setup Tasks and Organization Administrator Setup Tasks sections below. Since Transact settings are not visible until Silverpop enables Transact, you will need to have your Organization Administrator request assistance from the Silverpop Support team in making Transact available to users. System Administrator Setup Tasks The System Administrator (Silverpop Support) completes the following tasks during setup: • Enables Transact for your account. • Configures FTP/SFTP settings, if applicable (such as the submit-to IP address and response directory). • Configures the HTTP and HTTPS settings, if applicable (such as the response address). Organization Administrator Setup Tasks After the System Administrator completes the initial setup for the account, your Organization Administrator will need to perform the following tasks: • Set up the Sending IP address. • Set the error notification email address in Engage. • Set the time zone for the users. • Identify dynamic link URLs. • Complete the organization’s backend integration (unless using a tool for testing). 7 1-866-SILVPOP (745-8767) © 2012 Silverpop Systems Inc. All rights reserved.