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Acknowledgements Education is about sharing skills and knowledge so students can get the maximum benefit. I have been fortunate enough to share with many talented teachers, colleagues and friends over the years who have all made a contribution - large or small - even if only adding a punch-line to a demonstration or suggesting an alternative presentation method. Great science demonstrations are like food recipes - they are handed down from one generation to the next. So, to all who have contributed, even unknowingly, I offer my sincere thanks. I am indebted to many people in the preparation of this book. I have been privileged to sound my ideas off of Prof Jeff Bindon and Dr Cedric Smith. Thanks Jeff, for always sharing your creative ideas and taking the time to read through my text. I am also lucky to have the services of Dale Carroll from Geelong College who has edited the text and made some valuable suggestions. In my formative years, Prof Nic Basson has been a great mentor and valuable advisor. I honour him for that. Thanks to my friend and science partner, Godwyn Morris, for her inspiration and support. Diane Spicer has done an excellent job in proofreading the text and Elzette Bester has been a great sounding board in my self-publishing effort. Lastly, to Abrama, Richert and Evert, thanks for sharing me with my other love and providing me with the opportunity to set my creativity free! 5

Risk / Safety Icons used No apparent risk. Take general lab precautions when using fire. Use of fire, hydrogen ignition or a strong base. Use general fire safety precautions. Plan demonstration well before execution. Reactions with expanding flames or projectiles. Read through instructions twice. Plan well and try on own before demonstrating in class. Reactions with higher level of potential risk. Very high temperatures may be achieved. Plan well and read through instructions twice before doing on a small scale. Follow all instructions exactly as described. Image credits Page 38, 93, 101 Sketch Niel Venter 46, 51, 53, 62, 86, 90, 112 Sketch Vikrant Singh 47 Cracker image 123RF stock image 49 Labware image 123RF stock image 60 Image Sara O’Shaughnessy, Bunyip PS 64 Microchip image 123RF stock image 65 Image Joliet Jake Szerkeszto 85 Image NASA 90 Explosion image Michael Rudolph, The Wimmera Mail- Times Front & Back cover Layout Justine Elliott 6 “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer” Albert Einstein