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African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System

African-American Youth in The Juvenile Justice System

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The Transformative Justice Project Eradicating Juvenile Delinquency Requires a Multi-Disciplinary Approach The way we accomplish all this is a follows: The Juvenile Justice system is incredibly overloaded, and Solutions-Based programs are woefully underfunded. Our precious children, therefore, particularly young people of color, often get the “swift” version of justice whenever they come into contact with the law. Decisions to build prison facilities are often based on elementary school test results, and our country incarcerates more of its young than any other nation on earth. So we at The Foundation labor to pull our young people out of the “school to prison” pipeline, and we then coordinate the efforts of the legal, psychological, governmental and educational professionals needed to bring an end to delinquency. We also educate families, police, local businesses, elected officials, clergy, and schools and other stakeholders about transforming whole communities, and we labor to change their thinking about the causes of delinquency with the goal of helping them embrace the idea of restoration for the young people in our care who demonstrate repentance for their mistakes. 1. We vigorously advocate for charges reductions, wherever possible, in the adjudicatory (court) process, with the ultimate goal of expungement or pardon, in order to maximize the chances for our clients to graduate high school and progress into college, military service or the workforce without the stigma of a criminal record; 2. We then enroll each young person into an Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Restorative Justice program designed to facilitate their rehabilitation and subsequent reintegration back into the community; 3. While those projects are operating, we conduct a wide variety of ComeUnity-ReEngineering seminars and workshops on topics ranging from Juvenile Justice to Parental Rights, to Domestic issues to Police friendly contacts, to CBO and FBO accountability and compliance; 4. Throughout the process, we encourage and maintain frequent personal contact between all parties; 5 Throughout the process we conduct a continuum of events and fundraisers designed to facilitate collaboration among professionals and community stakeholders; and finally Page 7 of 114

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