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Spring Summer Leisure Guide


AQUATICS - GENERAL POOL INFO SPRING/SUMMER 2018 • 16 OUR POOL FACILITIES AT THE JACK BURGER SPORTS COMPLEX In 2015, the Jack Burger Sports Complex re-opened after renovations to make the facility fully accessible. Featuring updates to the pools, change rooms and the addition of a family accessible change room, community room, central canteen and customer service area, the Jack Burger is now a state-of-the-art facility. Therapy Pool Our therapy pool is used by various groups to offer rehabilitation and recreational programs. At approximately 92 degrees, this pool is perfect for the little ones in our pre-school lessons, therapeutic programs like Hospital Therapy and Swim for Independence, Aqua Easy classes and those wishing to relax or exercise in a heated pool. Easy entry with an accessible ramp, water wheelchair and lift. Therapy pool 25 Metre Pool The 25 m pool is used by a wide variety of participants from lane swims, swim teams, school swim meets, Aqua Fitness classes and participants wishing to jump in off our diving board. At approximately 82 degrees, this pool is perfect for a wide range of activities. Easy access with stairs and lifts. Hot tub 25 metre pool Hot Tub Warming up in the 7-person hot tub helps alleviate stress, rests muscles and helps reduce arthritic and chronic pain. Our hot tub is typically maintained at 102 degrees and is a valuable tool to support participants in maintaining their health. Lifts available for accessible needs. Various upgrades to the Jack Burger Sports Complex pools allow for a fully accessible facility, If you need assistance with wheelchairs or lifts, please speak to our lifeguard staff who will be happy to help. Jack Burger Sports Complex GENERAL POOL INFO Admission Standards for the Pool at the Jack Burger Sports Complex To ensure the safety and enjoyment of children using the facility during public and family swims, the following admission standards are in place. Supervision and ratio requirements will be strictly upheld. All participants must shower prior to swimming. Facility Swim Test Participants must be able to swim, without flotation devices of any kind, 1 length of the 25m pool without stopping and without touching the bottom or sides of the pool. Participants of any age may be asked to perform a swim test. If swim test is passed = Green wristband and can swim in both pools If a swimmer cannot pass the swim test = Red wristband. Must stay in small pool or shallow end of 25m pool only. Supervision & ratios Caregiver must be at least 14yrs of age and are responsible for the children in their care while in the facility. • Children 5 years and under ALWAYS accompanied by a caregiver in arms reach at a ratio of 1:3 • Children 6-9 years who cannot pass the swim test, receive a Red wristband and ALWAYS accompanied by a caregiver in arms reach at a ratio of 1:4 • Children 6-7 years who can pass the swim test receive a Green wristband. Caregiver must remain in the pool and the child must complete the swim test each visit. • Children 8-9 years of age and can pass the swim test receive a Green wristband. Caregiver must remain in the facility. • Children 10-13 years of age. No supervision is required (please note that all family swims require adults with children based on swim description). Swimming Lesson Reminders • During most lesson times there is an On Deck Supervisor to assist you. They are the link between you and the instructor. • Infants and those not toilet trained must wear a waterproof diaper such as Little Swimmers (available for sale at Customer Service) • Parents and guardians are to watch lessons from the lobby seating area. • Due to Health Regulations, outdoor footwear and strollers are not permitted in the shower or deck area. All participants must enter and leave through the change rooms and shower prior swimming.

AQUATICS FITNESS PROGRAMS ADULTS & TEEN: Swim lessons Jack Burger Sports Complex We have classes to teach you to swim or perfect your stroke. Note, seniors discount does not apply. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length unless noted. Fees include tax. ONCE-A-WEEK LESSONS Registered Adult classes Teen & adult basic skills Lessons for beginners. Seniors always welcome. Teen & adult swimming strokes & fitness Work on perfecting your strokes and skills. Triathletes welcome! Teen & adult private swimming lessons One-on-one Season Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Fee: Spring 8:30pm 9:30am Summer 8:30pm Spring 8:30pm 9:30am Summer 10 Week Fee Schedule for Adult AquaFit/AquaEasy (Fees include tax) 1 Class/week 2 Classes/week 3 Classes/week 4 Classes/week 5 Classes/week Adult $87.58 $149.16 $196.96 $227.81 $262.73 Senior $56.95 $96.73 $128.14 $147.80 $170.63 8:30pm Available upon request & based on schedule availability - e-mail ADULTS & TEEN: Fitness classes Exercise classes offered in the water. You must register in advance for the classes you want to take in this section in person at the Jack Burger Sports Complex. Lessons are pro-rated and based on adult fees only (seniors receive a 35% discount). All Fitness classes are 45 min in length. Fees include tax. MULTIPLE CLASSES PER WEEK Adult fitness classes Aqua Fitness Great cardiovascular and muscle workout in the 25m pool. Aqua Easy Gentle exercise program taught in the small therapy pool. Aqua Zumba Dance your way to a great cardio workout using the natural resistance of the water in the 25 m pool. $64.96 $23.70 per lesson Season Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Fee: Spring Summer Spring 8:45am 2:15pm 7:30pm 8:45am 7:00pm 8:45am 2:15pm 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 2:15pm 7:30pm 8:45am 7:00pm 8:45am 2:15pm 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am Summer 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am Spring 11:15am 11:15am Summer 11:15am 11:15am See chart Below 1 class per week $104.40 Seniors Save 35% 17 AQUATICS FITNESS PROGRAMS SPRING/SUMMER 2018 •

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